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It’s a total fake-out in this week’s episode of , “Fate Takes A Holiday.” In a truly surprising, though not necessarily unexpected, twist, we discover that the true menace behind Serena’s death may not be the serial killer at all. Furthermore, something sinister may lay closer to home than Laura ever originally expected.

This show keeps surprising me with its plot turns. This is, of course, a very good thing – it’s typically pretty easy to spot the false target and cyclical routine of murder mysteries once you know the usual pattern, however, this show isn’t taking a usual pattern. Instead, it’s weaving a story that winds and twists so much, I can’t predict its outcome.

This obviously makes the show ten times more entertaining than it otherwise would be, but it continues to operate with one noticeable flaw: I might not be able to see what the surprises are, but I know when and where to expect them. Now, of course, I can’t judge too harshly on this – as a writer myself, it’s a natural tendency of mine to examine and dissect story. This means I’m usually paying closer attention to detail than the average viewer, making it pretty difficult for any story to genuinely bring me timely surprises. But, what’s more to blame than my natural attentiveness is the pacing of the show.

The show has embraced a more dramatic pace than the pace of an action show. The action sequences are shorter and fewer, and the exposition is longer and filled with more tension. This has given the show a bit of an odd setup, where the twist in the plot happens near the beginning of the episode, and then we spend the rest of the episode unraveling what that twist means. It’s not necessarily a bad setup, but it is less surprising. The twist becomes a little less shocking, because I know to expect that things aren’t the way they seem. It’s the tradeoff for choosing not to let us live the majority of the episode believing one thing before pulling the rug out from beneath us.
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The episode picks up where the last episode left off, with Ruby’s teacher – who we now know is the serial killer – being released from custody. Laura is still extremely upset, but she controls herself from finding him and attacking him in the streets by having Nico’s private detective partner tail him. So while the serial killer returns home for the night with both the cops and Nico’s partner keeping an eye on him, Laura goes to visit his last victim in the hospital. She has an armed guard watching her room, and no one is allowed inside, but Laura waits in the hallway because she wants to be there when she wakes up.

Her hopes of waiting in the hallway are foiled, though, when the hospital receives a bomb threat and is forced to evacuate. Laura is ushered with all the other hospital guests out of the hospital, while the patients are slowly evacuated. Laura tries to warn the hospital attendants that there isn’t a real threat, it’s just the killer come back to finish the job, but no one believes her. And of course the cop is confident that no one is getting past him – like that ever works.

Thankfully, Laura sneaks back to the hospital room just in time to stop the killer from smothering the victim to death with a pillow. With the help of some hospital equipment, Laura is able to overpower the killer. With the victim still alive – though still in a coma – and the killer once again arrested, this time he isn’t going anywhere, now that they have proof he attempted to murder the victim. Or so we think.

As the killer is transported back to the police station for questioning, where he promises to tell all, but only to Nico, a mystery person on a motorcycle drives by and shoots him as he sits in the back of the cop car. He doesn’t survive, but he leaves a little bit of an encrypted clue for Nico to try and decipher, which leads Nico and Laura to believe that someone in the police station is corrupt.

What they don’t realize is that they’re right and wrong – something corrupt is going on underneath the surface, but it’s not with any cop – that we’re aware of, yet. It’s Laura’s husband, the District Attorney. He’s stealing evidence and hiding it away, though we aren’t sure why, as of yet. He’s in communication with someone that, for some unknown reason, is helping him and possibly making him steal and hide this evidence.

So as the episode ends and Laura realizes that the serial killer was already dead in the previous timeline, too, and  wasn’t the person who kidnapped and killed her daughter to begin with, we also realize that perhaps her husband is the actual reason Serena became a target, and not because he’s the District Attorney, but because of what he’s doing or who he’s working with under the radar. Who is this mystery person, and how will Laura uncover the truth and stop them? We’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Somewhere Between airs Tuesdays at 10PM on ABC

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