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Things get scary real in this week’s episode of , “Ghost.” Laura and Nico race to save Serena and wind up uncovering the final clues to the decade-long murder mystery that’s brought them down this wild road, while the clock ticks closer and closer to Serena’s and Danny’s deaths. Meanwhile, Tom gets paid his due diligence by karma and the only person who’s sad about that is Laura – and she’s ain’t even really sad; call it shock.

As we race to the end of this limited series, the episode feels truly just like that: a race. After eight episodes of moderately-paced plot dabbled with action, we are now in a place where the action never ceases. We’ve saved all of the mystery reveals for the end, and there are quite a few of them, so catch your breath, because the show isn’t stopping until it’s stopped, from here on out.

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If there’s one thing the show has been good at so far, it’s embracing what it is. It may not be the highest tier of murder-conspiracy-action stories, but it certainly knows what it can do and it comfortably lives in that space. It’s never been great at defining its characters or making the dialogue smooth and natural from end to end, but it stays resolutely within its staked boundaries, and in a lot of ways, the show is better for it.

This is why Tom’s admittance that he’s power-hungry doesn’t feel like it comes forcefully, even though a power-hungry Tom wasn’t really what we were shown in the first few episodes that demonstrate character. This is also why Nico’s confession of his love for Laura, though seemingly too soon – dude, she just watched her husband get shot and die – comes across as a genuinely sweet, and not overdone.

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Of course, it’s not like either of those admissions should come as a surprise to anyone other than maybe the characters themselves. Just like the reveal that Susan’s killer isn’t actually the “Ghost” man with the wrist tattoo that kidnapped Serena shouldn’t be a surprise. Afterall, most of the episode was spent making him come off as sympathetic – and of course, where would any show like this be without a good plot twist?

Which brings me to my final critique of the episode, which is that it seems a pretty complicated and hefty cover-up story, just to save one rich son’s reputation and life from prison time. Lots of extra deaths just to make sure a secret that was buried long ago doesn’t resurface. And the irony is, chances are if they’d left well-enough alone, our justice system is so bad that no one would have gone poking around and looking for answers that weren’t actually there. Two extra murder charges, an extra (actual) serial killer, a man’s life lost to the mental hospital, several deaths, and a little girl’s innocent life at stake. And for what? All because one rich white woman decided she didn’t want her child to go to prison. That’s webster-level definition of insane.

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In other (good) news, Tom is dead. Is that heartless of me to say? Sorry, he was mega irritating. Other (possible) good news is that Tom’s death may fulfill the prophecy (remember: for one to live, one must die), meaning that both Danny and Serena could live, if Nico and Laura can figure out a way to save them both before time runs out. However, this is just my optimism trying to guess at what’s in store, who knows if that’s actually the case?

We’ve also finally learned the identity of the blonde man in the picture – the one who’s kidnapped Serena. Turns out this supposedly dead man – a “ghost” as the military calls them – is not actually the killer after all. It’s his adopted brother – the biological son of the governor – who’s the real killer. He wasn’t even in the photo! He was taking the photo. Way to blindside us into that one.

So will fate win out? Or will Laura and Nico be able to save the day and Serena’s life? We’ll have to wait one more week to find out.
Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
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