{EXCLUSIVE} ’90s Nicktoons Set To Make A Comeback In Paramount Crossover Movie


  〉Paramount is developing a live-action/animation hybrid based on the classic cartoons

Now more than ever, the intense wave of 1990s nostalgia is at its height, with a slew of upcoming TV shows and movies planned to capitalize on the collective desire for a return of these cherished properties. Just this week even, Nickelodeon announced a plan to reboot ’90s favorites in a fresh new way.

Well, it’s time for millennials to rejoice, because the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon series of the ’90s are making a return in the biggest way possible. Sources exclusively confirm to The Tracking Board that is in the early stages of developing a massive live-action/animated crossover film featuring characters from hit ’90s Nick cartoons. Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, and more are coming together for what’s being pitched as a Justice League or Avenger’s-esque team-up film called .

Citing The Lego Movie, Space Jam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Wreck It Ralph as influences, Nicktoons is poised to follow a similar model, employing a hefty amount of self-referential humor and charm.

Our sources say that is leading the charge on this one, working with the studio to develop and lock down the rights to the individual series. Parent and are producing the pic via their shingle, , which signed an overall deal with Paramount this past March.

Parent of course has a proven track record with adapting Nickelodeon cartoons into successful features, having produced this year’s Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. , which is a subsidiary of Paramount, is also producing, while will oversee for the studio.

Paramount is currently in discussions with different writers, looking for the perfect scribe to tackle a project balancing such immensely beloved properties.

Naysayers ought not to fear, as our sources say that the creators have no intentions to bastardize or update the characters unfavorably, only to create a fun adventure reuniting audiences with the treasured cartoons in an exciting new approach, pleasing old fans and creating new ones. Though, creators have to tread lightly, as they run the risk of making another Rugrats Go Wild, which was an ill-received and poorly conceived crossover that just didn’t mesh.

In this reporter’s opinion, news of the project is mind-blowing, but it’s that kind of crazy where the film could potentially be the best thing ever. Though all the included series haven’t yet been ironed out, we’re hoping Catdog, Ahh!!! Real Monsters, and Doug are also invited to the party, because that would be awesome.


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61 Responses to {EXCLUSIVE} ’90s Nicktoons Set To Make A Comeback In Paramount Crossover Movie

  1. Is Michael Bay going to direct this?
    LOL That was a trick question!

  2. Get Disney’s Doug outta that image!

  3. Doug won’t be invited to the party, because Disney owns him and never lets him out of the Vault.

    • How is it that Nick is allowed to air the original show then?

      • Syndication rights. Even Nick has to pay a forklift of money if the demand isn’t there?

  4. Lol your disney comments are hilarious ??? because doug was a Nickelodeon show before viacom sold the rights to disney

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  6. I honestly wouldn’t care if Doug missed out. It’s one of those shows that simply never aged well, even with the best of nostalgia goggles on.

  7. Omg, does anyone remember KaBlam!? I loved that show!!!

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