has been offered the starring role in the IAN FLEMING biopic detailing the origin stories of James Bond. The film is an adaptation of the 2009 biography by Andrew Lycett and details Fleming’s experiences in WWII where he found inspiration for the character. K5 and are producing the independent feature, and scribe is penning the script.

Cumberbatch’s attachment to the project could finally provide the stability needed to get this out of development, as producers are looking to start filming by the end of 2014. His distinctive look, British regality, acting versatility, and current star power would draw a huge audience (I’m already in!) and be a great homage to a writer who created one of the most popular spy franchises of the 20th century.

The film specifically highlights Fleming’s experiences in naval intelligence during WWII, where he masterminded many top-secret operations. It does not appear to be an overly-ambitious attempt to document every part of his life, and that specifically is why a strong directing vision is required to accurately portray the narrative. Duncan Jones was at one point attached to direct, but pulled out due to scheduling conflicts with “Warcraft,” the big-budget adaptation of the popular computer game. Since then it’s been hard to make big moves, as his vision was the one driving much of the development process. Fleming was at one point a stockbroker, avid golfer, and book collector, so weeding through his life and picking out the most important parts is something a new director really needs to spearhead.

The budget is currently set between 40-50 million, a more-than-decent amount for an indie film, and indicates the producers’ serious attempts to faithfully bring the writing legend to the big screen.  of Animus films is producing, along with and of K5. Kevin Frakes of Palm Star Entertainment and Rob Laylock are also attached to produce on the project.

I, personally, can’t wait to see this in theaters, and have been following every update on the project, from when Dominic Cooper was attached to star, to the James McAvoy rumors that were quickly denounced. Stay tuned right here for all the latest updates, as this indie is sure to make waves on both sides of the pond!


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