{TB EXCLUSIVE} Mark Millar’s Villain-Centric “Nemesis” No Longer At Fox, Warner Bros In Talks To Adapt


〉The four-issue comic was written by Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven

With hit film adaptations like Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman: The Secret Service under his belt, has quickly become the industry’s go-to talent for original action fare. NEMESIS, which had previously been in development at 20th Century Fox with Smokin’ Aces helmer Joe Carnahan to direct, is now circling a home at Warner Bros. ’s shingle , which was producing at Fox, will make the jump with the project. and will oversee for Warner.

Carnahan and his brother Matthew Michael Carnahan penned the latest version of the villain-centric action pic, which follows the devious exploits of billionaire genius Matt Anderson. Deemed the world’s greatest fighter, Anderson is hell-bent on avenging the death of his parents, who were notorious villains themselves. Traveling the world as a costumed menace, killing cops and toppling order, Anderson returns to Washington to kickstart a campaign of terror against the police chief who captured his parents, all building up to a tremendously bloody finale.

Published in 2010 via Icon Comics, a Marvel comics imprint, Nemesis was optioned by Fox with Tony Scott set to direct before his death. The move to Warner comes off as odd considering the studio owns the DC library of titles and Nemesis is Marvel-owned. Millar’s talents however are a box office draw, with Kingsman recently reaching $406 million worldwide and becoming the most commercially successful adaptation of his work.

Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot drew inspiration from Millar’s acclaimed Ultimate Fantastic Four series and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War is adapted from the Civil War storyline Millar wrote. Millar has many of his titles set up at Fox and Universal, with a forthcoming Kingsman sequel amongst those in development at Fox.

Millar is repped by .


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