THE BOLD TYPE Review: “Carry the Weight”

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ends with an emotional bang, and on an excellent note to end the season — and also the series, if it comes to that, although I will personally fight every single executive at Freeform is The Bold Type doesn’t return for a season two. This episode centers around sexual assault, and themes of power overall. Yet again, it’s really lovely to have a show dealing with issues that impact women in a way that feels sympathetic and informed as opposed to exploitative.

Especially when it comes to sexual assault, you can’t throw a stone without hitting one on TV — I’d love to see statistics about how many sexual assaults are broadcast on television every night because it’s probably appalling. But so often, it’s used as “character development”, which isn’t wholly incorrect, in that it’s something that obviously impacts people very deeply, but ends up feeling like nobody could come up with a way to develop a woman without first subjecting her to extreme violence. Or it’s used to shock you, something horrifying to make you gasp or hide behind your hands even though it’s something that happens all the time, every day, in ways big and small. So this episode of The Bold Type, in my personal opinion, and it could be different for others obviously, was a good watch.

Jane tries to talk to Jacqueline about leaving, but after seeing Jane looking at an article about Mia, the rape survivor and artist who’s been holding scales in the park, trying to get other survivors to help her share the weight, metaphorically and literally, Jacqueline instead offers her the opportunity to do the article. As she refused Jane’s request to write the piece in the very beginning of the season, Jane jumps at the chance. Jacqueline (understandably) has reservations about Jane doing this piece. We’ve seen Jane be headstrong and inconsiderate and unintentionally cruel with articles pertaining to women and feminism in the past, and on top of that, Jane’s a relatively green writer. Jane reacts like this is an affront to her person, which is annoying because it just sort of makes me feel like Jane should totally leave Scarlet because she doesn’t deserve to be somewhere with an editor who pushes her to be better. Anyway, Jane pursues the article and starts talking to Mia.

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Kat is still parsing her emotions after deciding not to fly away with Adena, and instead focuses on the upcoming party she’s planned, and the fact that she’s approaching two million followers. At one point, she says something to Jane about how she prefers to be in the virtual world to the real one, which feels a little heavy-handed but is ultimately true, and a good realization for her. She and Jane conspire to make a livestream of Mia in the park since attention for her project is waning, and Kat falls into the virtual vs. reality trap again. When she and Jane present the social media metrics to Jacqueline, Jacqueline is clearly distraught looking at the livestream, which still shows Mia alone in the park. People are interacting online, but Mia is still alone.

Sutton sets out to conquer fashion week so that if Oliver can’t attend a show, he’ll send her to cover it. As usual, she’s great at her job. But she has the additional drama of just having slept with Alex, and Alex asking her out officially. She decides that she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with him, but is decidedly unenthusiastic about it. But when she agrees to date him, they kiss in the stairwell, and Jacqueline catches them. They’re immediately, separately, sent to HR since Alex is technically her superior to make sure everything is copacetic, and Richard is brought in to represent legal. Obviously, the whole interaction is horrible and uncomfortable, as Sutton is asked about the nature of her relationship with Alex, and her ex-boyfriend, with whom she’s still in love, is forced to ask the questions.

At the party, Kat hits two million followers and realizes she doesn’t care. Jane tells Jacqueline she’s quitting, finally, and leaves to stand by Mia. Even if she can’t take the weights, she can be there, and support her, which is what she should’ve done from the beginning. Sutton talks to Richard, and Richard admits that he could’ve and should’ve fought harder for her. There’s something there, still, and Alex sees the interaction, leading to Sutton and Alex breaking up from their non-relationship. Kat and Sutton, both bummed, leave to find Jane and join her in the park. Jacqueline checks the livestream and sees her three girls standing by Mia, and joins them herself. She takes the weights from Mia, revealing that she herself is a survivor, which explains her intense desire for Jane to get the article right.

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The next day, Kat finally makes a decision and takes off on a plane, presumably to join Adena. Sutton finally gets the opportunity to go to a show from Oliver, and later ends up alone in the elevator with Richard; the doors close on them smiling at one another and stepping closer, so it seems like at least the metaphorical door is still open for them. Jane hears Jacqueline’s story, and Jacqueline apologizes for pushing Jane too hard and misplacing her emotions — which is a little silly, because while it might be true, Jane still needs to be pushed, as she’s an enormous baby. But everybody is on to bigger and better things! Watching Jane leave with her box of stuff and pass Jacqueline as she exits the Steinem building, while they’re both wearing bright red, and Jacqueline giving Jane an approving smile is maybe the warmest my cold, dead heart has felt in months.

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Basically: this show is lovely, these girls are lovely, and if it doesn’t come back, like I said, I’m going to fight somebody.


Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 9PM on Freeform

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