THE CARMICHAEL SHOW Review: “Lesbian Wedding”

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When I looked at the title for the most recent episode I cringed inside because who didn’t see this coming?! It’s overdue honestly especially for a show like this. Yes, I already had preconceived ideas of what this show would be and what it would amount to but welp we are human. What I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised with the entire episode. We finally have our female characters back. Note to the writers, let’s always have our female characters in each episode. I digress.

The story progresses and it’s clear it’s all about Maxine and her looks. Which of course is another turn I didn’t see coming or even expected but here we are. Maxine tries to prove that she doesn’t use her looks to her advantage when they try to tell her that her life has been easy. Joe provides the BEST commentary and Cynthia’s quick confessional type of one-liners brings a different type of funny that was so desperately needed last week. Cynthia is obviously greatness personified on-screen but treads a bit lightly this episode.

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So we finally have the whole family back together and it’s every bit of funny you would come to expect and love when it comes to this show. In fact, as we go deeper into the episode Maxine and Jerrod’s conversations leave surprises, interesting truths that really made me start to wonder how they even got together. Seriously! How? More on that later. Maxine finally gets a bit more screen time and she uses it very well. In fact, I did wonder why we haven’t gotten more from her and I hope we get more.

For me this episode wouldn’t be complete without a proper over the top laugh out loud Nekeisha moment and of course she comes through. Apparently, she has a hot date to bring to the lesbian wedding. He doesn’t disappoint at all. In fact we have a glorious a couple of minutes with him and his washboard abs. It was clear Cynthia enjoyed it and so did I. She really needs to get out a bit more but you’ll love her just the same.

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Overall, I enjoyed this week’s episode and LOVE that we finally have the family back together and truly hope they’re aren’t absent again. I did, however, find myself waiting for Nekeisha to get back to the screen. She just brings the funny in a differently fresh type of way that was really missed and strongly apparent. So I’m basically saying give us more Nekeisha and we’ll all be happy.

What did you think of “Lesbian Wedding”?
TB-TV-Grade-A-Season 3, Episode 4 (S03E04)
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