THE MICK Review: “The Divorce”

We open this week’s episode of The Mick with Mickey and the gang visint their parents at the prison. Poodle and her husband are deciding to get a divorce while behind bars. The reason? It turns out that Christopher isn’t Chip’s real father. Chip isn’t really a Pemberton after all, but a Mr. Buckley. This finally explains Chip’s father’s ominous words to him when he last visited him in prison. Just when the Pembertons lives seem to be getting back to normal, they find their worlds rocked by the title of this episode.

The next day at the new Pemberton mansion, Chip is still feeling pretty bad about the big reveal until Alba discovers that his real dad is rich too. Chip may have lost one father, but not his economic class. Eager to meet his estranged, rich father, Chip goes to his company and pretends to be an intern. Unfortunately, this is where his plan hits a snag. When he runs into Mr. Buckley around the office, he asks Chip to escort his daughter Kelly to a concret. Though it’s weird for him to take his secret sister out on a date, Chip will do anything to fall into Mr. Buckley’s good graces.

Poodle and Christopher aren’t the only ones with relationship problesm. Take Mickey’s rocky relationship with Jimmy. They fight constantly, are never affectionate, and it was recently revealed that Mick was the reason Jimmy’s dream baseball career was ended. Their relationship is the very definition of toxic and it’s a wonder that Jimmy has stuck around this long. When Mickey brings it up to him they agree that maybe they’ve hit a rut because all of the kids have been getting to them. It may just be time for them to start over with a clean slate and a reboot on a relationship.

When Chip arrives at Mr. Buckley’s, he’s far more excited to hang out with his real dad than his new sister, but he promised Buckley that the would take her to the concert. Once they get in the car, Kelly already has other plans to sneak off to a boy’s house. With Alba pretending to be their Uber driver, she and Chip try to convince Kelly otherwise, but they end up bringing her to this guy’s house anyway. Fast forward to almost midnight, Chp wants to make sure they get back home in time so he storms in to get Kelly and overhears Jordan asking another girl to come over. Chip calls Jordan out for being a jerk and Kelly thanks Chp for standing up for her. As she leans in for a kiss, Chip blurts out that he’s her secret brother. When they drive back to Mr. Buckley’s house he doesn’t believe Chip’s story and kicks him out of the house. It looks like Chip is till dad-less for the time being.

On their second first date, Jimmy and Mickey are pretty awkward until they start getting drunk together. Is this a sign that they only like each other when they’re wasted? Sure, it’s easy to have a good time when you’re partying, but sober Mickey and Jimmy don’t seem to like each other. This realization hits them pretty hard when they hook up in the alley outside of the bar and two passerbys misinterpret Jimmy’s affection for assault. It’s another example of how when they’re together, thigns always end up going the wrong way for them. They insist that no on gets them or their relationship, but the truth is as Mickey put it, “maybe they just don’t get each other”. It looks like Pamela and Christopher won’t be the only ones separating this season. 

TB-TV-Grade-B-Season 2, Episode 9 (S02E09)
The Mick airs Tuesdays at 830PM on Fox

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