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Fox’s Time Travel Series starring Adam Pally and Leighton Meester is moderately funny. Stories about time- are a popular trope often depicted in movies and films. As with most time- shows there are certain things expected to really grab our attention. Fox’s latest sitcom, Making History, is woefully good. A comedy favorite, Adam Pally plays Daniel, a pop culture obsessed, stoner type that spends his weekends in colonial Massachusetts with his girlfriend, Deborah, played by Leighton Meester. He struggles to undo the damage his trips are causing to the historical timeline.

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The show begins with Daniel in a relationship with Deborah, it appears they’ve just left a ball where Daniel woed the crowd with his dance, the Bartman, when they’re ambushed by two British soldiers. Deborah skillfully diverts their attention with a hock of ham, while the appearance of these soldiers propels Daniel to wonder if anyone warned everyone that the British are here. In need of guidance, he goes back to the present and  recruits his quick-witted colleague, Chris (Yassir Lester), to join him on his next journey to the past and make sure the American Revolution follows the right path. After successfully recruiting chris, he attempts to start a revolution by railing against “taxation without representation” at a local tavern. Unfortunately, the patrons don’t really warm to him until he starts quoting Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire: “Show me the money!” Daniel introduces Chris to friends, John Hancock and Sam Adams. He tries Sam’s latest beer — until Adams reveals they just pranked him into drinking out of the chamber pot. In hopes of getting the revolution back on track they seek out blacksmith Paul Revere.

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Enraged by his daughter’s decision to be with some mysterious man, unbeknownst to him is Daniel, he vows to kill the mystery guy. He takes this as an opportunity to not only escape with his life but jump back to the present. Before embarking on his journey back to modern day, he confesses to Deborah that he’s from the future — and she wants to go back with him because she thinks women are treated better in the future. (LOL) Chris volunteers to stay back in time and start the revolution, while Deborah and Daniel to continue to the present to live out their lives. As soon as Deborah and Daniel arrive back in the present they find a remembrance statue of Chris, who is set to die in battle the very next day.

The pilot pulls on obvious jokes with a very predictable premise that results in a decent amount of jokes. Though the premise and humor sometimes fall flat, the three leads are enough to keep the episode moving. Lester and Pally showcase great performances while Meester is left to pick up the comedy crumbs. The entire point of the pilot is the consensus that one person makes all the difference in history which at time proved bland at best but with noticeably stronger comedic timing from Lester it was endurable.

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Ideally, the series will pick up in pace and give the trio much more to work with. Much like many of the high concept comedies on Fox, the execution can be a bit rough but they typically find their footing in the forthcoming episodes. Making History proved to be mildly entertaining sitcom with some fun and funny time -based humor.  I’ll keep watching and so should you.

TB-TV-Grade-BSeason 1, Episode 1 (S01E01)

Making History airs Sunday at 8:30PM on Fox

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