Ben Wheatley & Tom Hiddleston Look to Reunite for “Hard Boiled” Adaptation


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High-Rise‘s director and star, and , are on the hunt for a new project to work on together and circling Frank Miller’s comic HARD BOILED. The project is based out of Warner Bros.

The story centers on insurance investigator Carl Seltz, who learns that he’s really a homicidal cyborg tax collector codenamed Nixon. A fellow robot informs him that he’s the last hope for their race to escape their programmed slavery. The comic was created by Miller and Geoff Darrow and was published by Dark Horse in 2000.

Solipsist Films and Hollywood Gang are co-producing the film. Producers are Stephen L’Heureux, Bernie Goldmann, and Gianni Nunnari. Solipsist previously produced Miller’s Sin City and Hollywood Gang produced Miller’s 300.

Wheatley’s action comedy Free Fire hits theaters this March and stars Oscar-winner Brie Larson alongside Armie Hammer, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, and Cillian Murphy. Hiddleston, who is best known for playing Loki in Marvel’s Thor, will reprise the role in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok. He also stars with Larson in next year’s Kong: Skull Island.

Wheatley is repped by and in the UK.
Hiddleston is repped by and in the UK.


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