Domhnall Gleeson Is the Founder of Burberry in Beautiful Short Film (Things We Love)


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A stunning short, “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” reimagines crucial events in the life of Burberry founder, Thomas Burberry. The film was directed by Asif Kapadia, who earlier this year won the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature for Amy, and written by  Academy Award nominee Matt Charman.

Kapadia takes key events from the life of Burberry, played by Domhnall Gleeson, and crafts an epic tale of the romance, passion, and dedication behind the iconic fashion line. Sienna Miller co-stars as Burberry’s love interest and Dominic West is featured as Antarctic explorer Edward Shackleton who commissioned Burberry to design his crew’s protective wear for their polar expedition. The short also includes Lily James as a pilot attempting to break the record from England to Cape Town.

With stellar performances, gorgeous cinematography, sublime direction, and, of course, fantastic pieces from Burberry’s eponymous English fashion house, we were blown away by The Tale of Thomas Burberry.

Watch the short below:


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