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is complicated.  Literally and figuratively.  Karen and Pete are having marital problems.  These aren’t your everyday problems.  Karen is trying to be herself.  Which self?  I have no idea.  She is a conscious android but claims to not be living her truth.  Ah.  Humans.  When will we ever be satisfied with our lives?  Apparently, it must be a kid that she wants.  Otherwise, why would Pete be in some random playground with a bunch of them?  One gets off his seesaw and greets him.  Is Pete there to buy him? Karen makes it clear (as if Pete didn’t already know) that she is neither able to have kids nor grow old with him.  What kind of life is that with a partner anyway?  If I were an android, I’d be a lifelong bachelorette.  Settling down with a decaying organism sounds quite awful.

But not for Dr. Athena.  She has crawled into the rabbit hole of synthethics.  Her partner finally dies, and she is devastated.  This throws her full-speed ahead into transforming “V” into her late partner.  She began the process before her death, making brain scans and uploading them into “V”, which created memories.  One in particular is of a waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Dr. Athena promises “V” that she will get to see that waterfall and climb those mountains.  Dr. Athena, nooooooo.  Being a mad scientist is cliché, but this is just too good to not watch.  She is setting herself up for some major disappointment.  She is also setting herself up to be a potential villain.  She is self-absorbed. She can see nothing but preserving the mind of her lady.


This reminds me of “Transcendence”, a Johnny Depp movie that tanked at the box office.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

His wife creates an android with his mind.  She is directed to create a center where he can help other people.  This includes creating and repairing limbs; and performing complicated surgeries in like, 2 minutes.  Although innocent on the surface, he implanted pieces of himself into these people, allowing him to be the god over everything.

I am not saying Dr. Athena’s experience will mimic this, but it will be ugly.  She is the god of “V”, and if we’ve learned anything, apples never fall far from their trees.  Dr. Athena’s motivation for creating “V” stems from pure ego, hurt and selfishness.  She will be led down a road of delusion.  And delusion gets you nowhere.

Renie is an interesting character. I haven’t figured out yet whether she is conscious.  Am I supposed to know this?  I think she is because she’s caught eating some snack I guess she’s not supposed to be eating.  Toby is so googley-eyed over her, it’s cute.  He wants to see the “real her”, but she doesn’t know who that is.  I mean, why would she?  The girl is a synthetic! By the way, Toby, you’re a teenager, so what do you know about knowing the real you?  I agree with Renie when she says he’s judging her.  He totally is.  He better get it together before he loses his school bae.


Sidenote: Mattie needs to do something about ol’ boy’s arm.  She found him in some dejected synth pile; resurrected him; and she still hasn’t twisted his arm into normal position.  Come on.  He neck-checked some rogue synth, and she can’t help a bro out?

Niska breaks out of jail.  Who didn’t see this coming?  Humans are so stupid.  Did they really think they had control of this woman?  She was obviously in there to test whether they would give her a fair trial.  When it’s revealed that it’s a rigged system, she uses her android skills and gets the eff out.

This skill would come in handy for all of the people wrongly convicted of crimes; poor people who are harassed by the police; taken advantage of by the court systems; and yeah. You get it.  Lucky, Niska!  If she’s smart, she will lead a revolution to awaken all of the androids.  I love that she wasted no time giving humans the benefit of the doubt.  She saw right through them and jetted.  If Mattie knew about her, they should totally link up.  Nothing like two women leading a revolution.


Lastly, what the heck is up with Anita?  This episode leads me in suspense.  Has she returned to a state of unconsciousness? Maybe she set a timer on when she would fall back into that role. I can’t believe her goofy boyfriend turned on her.  If a bitter woman was writing this, she would say: “I told you”.

All of these synthetics are experiencing LIFE.  Things go wrong. People disappoint you.  And guess what? You have to learn and move on.  The difference between synthetics and humans is that you don’t have to tell the synthetics twice. They adhere to Maya Angelou’s words: “If someone shows you who they are, believe them”.  I guess I have a lot to learn from synthetics.  Until next week’s lesson…

TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 2, Episode 5 (S02E05)
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