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This week’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Fellowship of the Spear,” started off on the wrong foot – Nathan being MIA and unwilling to socialize with the others. I know, he was probably mourning his grandfather but, can we please dump Nate’s moody ass somewhere? Please!

Finally, we learn that the reason that the Legends are always behind schedule when catching up with the Legion of Doom, is because the Legion operates outside of time. The team returns to the Vanishing Point, where they hope to track the Legion of Doom and retrieve the last piece of the Spear.

While Ray tracks Thawn, the rest of the team sets out to locate the final piece of the Spear – which is found by my boy Jax, who finally has a role bigger than pressing buttons. The team is able to escape back to their ship, but not before Thawn realizes what they’ve done.


Back on the ship, the team reunites the Spear fragments. Rip warns the team not to touch the Spear, and that it will try and trick the team into wielding it to grant them absolute power which was why he tried to destroy it. While the team muses on how to destroy the Spear, a hidden message on the Spear reveals that the blood of Christ is it’s only kryptonite.

While this prompts Sara to return to Jesus’ crucifixion (a no-no), Nate suggests they locate Sir Gawain who, legend has it, had a vial of the blood of Christ and was buried with it. They learn that the only man who may know about the burial’s whereabouts is J.R.R Tolkien – dude that wrote the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (you may have heard of him). They decide to track him down at the Battle of the Somme in WW1.


Meanwhile, the Legion of Doom decides to go after the Legends with an even bigger threat…. but I’ll get to that later.

While Mick and Amaya track Tolkien, Mick begins seeing Snart again, who makes fun of him for helping out the Legends and scolds him for being willing to give up the Spear. He tells Mick to use the Spear to bring him back. After he dismisses Snart of being a hallucination, Snart punches him to prove he’s real.

Amaya, still heartbroken from the revelation of her own future, struggles to deal with the bleak and bloody battleground of Somme. Sara reassures Amaya that her daughter will end up being a hero.

After Rip and Nate rescue Tolkien, he leads them to a Cathedral, which he believes is the burial ground for Gawain. Just as they locate Gawain, they’re stopped by Snart –  the real Leonard Snart who’s been resurrected by the Legion of Doom. Oh snap!

Back on the ship, the team confronts Mick about how he told Snart their plan and voice their suspicions that his allegiance is skewed. This confirms everything that Snart told Mick about his team never respecting or trusting him.

Tolkien realizes that the blood is located at the bloodiest battle in history. Amaya tries to convince the team to actually use the Spear, convinced she can control it, but of course the team decides to go to battle, which Amaya believes is a huge mistake.

Realizing that the only way to make it across the chaotic battlefield alive is if the fighting stops, Rip decides to hijack the battlefield radio and force a ceasefire on both sides in order for the injured to be removed from the battlefield. Which works.


Conveniently, the blood vial is just sitting in a field, and they are able to secure the blood of Christ, only to be immediately met by the Legion of Doom. When Sarah looks to Mick to get the Spear (whom she had handed the Spear to moments before), Mick decides to join the Legion of Doom, sick of the treatment he’d been receiving with the Legends. While I sat and hoped that Mick would have a change of heart, Thawn rescues the Legion of Doom, stealing the Spear away from the team. Meanwhile, the battle has begun again and the vial with the blood of Christ is destroyed, meaning there’s no way to destroy the Spear of Destiny.

Just as we’ve given up hope, we end the episode with the Legion of Doom, who use a Biblical script to try and activate the Spear…no wait, they actually know how to use it.

Soooooo I know I’ve said this before, but I mean it this time – this was definitely my favorite episode of the season. We had Tolkien, the blood of Christ, the damn Spear, a resurrection, and a betrayal all in 41 minutes and I was shook. I’ll try and break down my excitement, though.

Let’s start with the time . Our heroes were forced into the battlefields of WW1, first to track down Tolkien and then to find the vial of the blood of Christ. I feel like this week was a prime example of the writers using the “time element” for good! There was purpose and excitement to them traveling to this era, and it was a total surprise that we got to meet Tolkien.


Then let’s talk about Mick’s story: Easily, he and Snart were my favorite parts of this week. There’s been a slow buildup throughout the season of Mick’s insecurity with his purpose on the team. Looking back, you’ll also notice that the team definitely treated Mick as you would a volatile little brother – you acknowledge him because you have to, but you don’t have any actual respect for him. So when Mick was given the opportunity to leave because the build up had been so slow, I was still taken by surprise when he decided to go left field, but the move was completely validated. Bye Mick, but I understand.

Honestly, it was the pacing of this episode that made it my favorite. This week was a non-stop thrill and I was here for every twist and turn that came with it. This is what I was looking for in this show, and granted they had to build a bit to get here, but I think this week was a true demonstration of how good this show can actually be.

The rollercoaster ride of emotions was also what helped make it a solid episode this week. Just as easily as the Legends secured a victory at the top half of the episode, it was snatched away from them by the Legion. Without a doubt, all feels hopeless, particularly being that Mick decided to peace out, but this will only make it more satisfying later once he rejoins the team. Also, now that the Legion has a pretty full squad now, I feel like we’ll be able to see some really awesome showdowns in the remaining two episodes.

It’s rough to see our Legends back on the bottom, but I’m not mad at it. Now that we’ve finally secured the entire Spear, I can guarantee the final few episodes are going to be a blood bath… well by network standards.


TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 2, Episode 15 (S02E15)
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