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Over the last few episodes, Making History shifted from a high-brow time boy’s club comedy to finally an interesting and captivating time- comedy with  “Chadwick’s Angels”. In need of a victory, the trio heads back to the 1990s to give Dan another shot at his dream of  finishing the infamous “BellyBuster” ice cream sundae at a local ice cream parlor. Deb begins to form a relationship with the parlor’s owner, while Chris is on a mission to save a life in honor of his late British friend. Plans begin to unravel when Dan runs into the bully that tormented him in the past. Now this may seem like a typical episode but it packs a punch full of belly laughs. Dan realizes that he needs to fix his own problems in the past when he talks to Hancock and Adams before attempting to fix history.  Dan finds the courage and travels back in time to fix his biggest regret not finishing the Bellybuster.

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The fourth installment of Making History feels like the episode I’ve been waiting for all season or at least since reading about the possibility of this time- comedy in the trades. Dan and Chris parallels to create great comedic story while giving us insight into Dan utilizing their strong premise when everyone should be focusing on something else but make (the funnier) decision not to. Instead of Dan working on his relationship with Deborah, he’s focused on beating up his childhood bully while Deborah bonds with Joy, the ice cream parlor owner, to save the parlor from closing. Chris would should really be focused on the promotion that took an entire episode to discuss is more focused to saving a woman’s life.

The most interesting part of the episode was the very thing I’ve been waiting for since the pilot: Dan seeing his younger-self being pushed around by the infamous bully. The only issue from correcting this wrong, a force field blocking him from his past self. Genius! I’ve been waiting for the to make a play at different time- tropes while building the world and character developments. I’m so happy we finally get to really dive into time- do’s and don’ts that can eventually help. This is the type of episode I’ve been patiently waiting for and I’m so delighted that it’s finally happened. Hopefully, there’s more episodes like this down the pipeline that finally holds true to what was promised in the trailers. Another interesting point was watching Deborah marvel at all the ice cream flavors really brought him her fish out of water storyline that has really come to define her character and allow for her to make great comedic choices. Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.18.53 AM
Furthermore, “Chadwick’s Angels” is Making History’s best episode since the series first launched using its premise and characters to the fullest giving us an opportunity to get excited about the potential episodes down the pipeline.  It uses its premise to the fullest and gives us a fresh new location and set-up. This is the type of show I expected going in and I’m glad that the series is delivering. The famed 90’s references that trickled through the episode were spot on and really made you feel like you were a passenger in time- journey. I think Making History is finally on to something if they can keep delivering episodes that not only utilize the premise but build on historical moments that are relatable but universal to the world, characters and audience.


Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Making History airs Sunday at 830PM on FOX

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