will have some major casting changes when the Shonda Rhimes drama returns for a second season in the fall. “Lost” vet will not be returning and , who plays a US Attorney, will be upped to a regular cast member.

ABC Family

will guest star on an August episode of , which stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau raising his newly discovered daughter. Grunberg will play Bilodeau’s estranged father who returns to make amends. Grunberg previously starred on NBC’s “Heroes” and ABC’s “Alias,” as well as appearing in the “Lost” , only to be quickly eaten by the Smoke Monster.


has entered into a new deal to stay on for the procedural’s tenth season. The actor, who plays Director Vance, also makes appearances on the -based spin-off starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.


is heading from Miami to Charming when he joins SON OF ANARCHY as a right-hand man to the upcoming season’s villain, who will be played by Harold Perrineau, Jr. The actor joined Showtime’s “Dexter” last season as a detective replacing Jennifer Carpenter’s character, who was promoted.

Hallmark Channel

will be joining Andie McDowell on the cable network’s first scripted series . Neal will play a newspaper editor in the drama about a small town judge and the cases brought before her.


will be seeing in a major recurring role when the vampire/werewolf/ghost drama returns for a third season. Aquino, who has had guest roles in Fox’s “The Finder” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO, will play a soup kitchen owner.


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