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This week, delivered another great episode. Lobos is dead, but Ghost has risen.

Jamie and Tommy did what they said they would: Killed Lobos. After careful planning, they intercept Lobos’ transfer to a different facility, capture him, and ultimately, kill him. Jamie does the honors.

Now that Lobos is dead, Jamie hopes to leave his past in the past. At the beginning of this season, that was his goal. If he were to continue in the drug game, then he would lose the most important thing to him – Angela. Unfortunately, him killing Lobos has led to that.

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Jamie’s security detail is not who he thought they were. They came to his rescue right before the Jamaicans were to assassinate him. Jamie scolded Dean, the head of detail, for following him. I am surprised that Jamie came down as hard as he did on Dean considering he saved his life. However, Dean reveals that his name is actually Milan, and he is a part of a Serbian drug organization. Now, I understand Jamie’s reservations with why Dean was really following him.

Milan says that he knows Jamie has killed Lobos, and for that, he will have to pay. With no Lobos, they have no connection. Jamie will have to assume Lobos’ shoes. Just in case Jamie is thinking about murdering Milan, Milan interrupts his thought and says that his organization does not die with him. He also mentions that his security detail is in all of his clubs; knows his family; knows where he lives; and knows about Angela. Well, damn.

With no way out of this one, Jamie realizes what he has to do: Become Ghost. And Ghost and Angela cannot co-exist under the same roof. The most poignant scene in this episode is when Jamie coldly tells Angela that he is leaving her because keeping the relationship alive is just too hard. Angela believes that he is leaving out the real reason why they can’t be together, but he sticks to the script. He leaves abruptly, leaving her wailing at the door. He’s on the other side, weeping, but composes himself to finally walk away. Now, this is interesting.

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I’ve been looking forward to the day when these two would call it quits. It was bound to happen. However, I didn’t realize how much it would hurt Jamie. Jamie broke up with her because he didn’t want her to become a casualty in anything that might occur while being the next Lobos. This is love. He’s had some very selfish moments, but when push came to shove, he really does love Angela. I am not sure whether these two will ever be together again, but what comes next should be thrilling.

Angela, now heartbroken, can investigate and prosecute Jamie with a clear conscious. She mentions in a previous episode that she used to be a good prosecutor. Now, she can be again. The only one who knows about her romantic relationship with Ghost is Greg. Oh, and Mike Sandoval, Lobos’ rat. If Mike finds out that Ghost killed Lobos, he could be the one to either professionally harm Angela or physically harm her. As of now, Mike is a “fantasma.” He seems to be omniscient one in this series. I hope that Angela discovers exactly who he is so that she can protect herself. Although she and Ghost are no longer together, he will always come to her rescue if she needs it. She is family to him now and that will never change.

The U.S. Attorney’s office seeks an unprofessional route to getting more intel on the Lobos kidnapping – sleeping with Angela. After Greg gets shot during the crossfire of the Lobos kidnapping, he returns to the office declaring that it was an insider . He is, of course, implying that Angela has something to do with it. His colleague says that Angela looked pretty sad at the possibility of him being dead. He encourages Greg to “get back in the sack with her.” What kind of office is this?

Angela is single, yes, but will she entertain Greg again? I highly doubt it. Although this is a show, no heartbroken woman returns to a man she didn’t have feelings for in the first place. For Greg’s colleague to even suggest that is sexist and offensive. I do believe that Greg might try that approach when he finds out that she and Ghost are no longer dating, and when he does, I hope Angela shuts him down in the most petty of ways.

Ghost is not the type to stay single. Yes, he and Angela are done (for now), but he is going back home to Tasha (I assume). Tasha covered for Ghost while he and Tommy kidnapped Lobos. She even went so far as to answer Angela’s texts as Ghost so that he has a strong alibi if he is implicated in his kidnap and murder. By the way, Tommy wanted Tasha to be involved, and Ghost, hesitantly, accepted. You’ve got to give it to Tasha: She is a pro. Will Ghost and Tasha rekindle an old flame?

Well, it seems like the whole gang is back: Ghost, Tasha, and Tommy. And they are pitted against a common enemy now: Angela and company.

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Let’s not forget Kanan and Jukebox. We haven’t heard from them in awhile, but I am sure they will make some noise in the next few episodes of the season. Power appears to be building towards an unforgettable season finale.

Season 3, Episode 6  (S03E06)
Power airs Sundays at 9PM on Starz


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