SILICON VALLEY Review: “Bachmanity Insanity”


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Airtime: Sundays at 10pm on HBO
Episode: Season 3, Episode 6 (S03E06)


Tweetable Takeaway: On “Silicon Valley”, Richard and the guys have varied success with the opposite sex

With the game of musical chairs settled for the time being, this week’s  focuses on a different kind of game. It all starts when Richard meets Winnie (Bridey Elliott) at a bar. They start casually dating, despite the fact that Gilfoyle and Dinesh call her a “Founder Hounder” and are pretty cynical about Richard’s chances with the opposite sex. Dinesh also has a shot at love with a European coder Elisabet (Sigrid Owen), and they begin video chatting over a low quality stream. Jared seems to have the most game and poise, and declares that he’s getting laid. No drama. No fanfare.

Erlich, meanwhile, continues to boss Big Head and his many millions around, though by the end of the episode there’s no more money left because of the pair’s poor business decisions. Big Head gets a financial adviser but even he can’t stop Erlich from purchasing a blog for 500k (yes 500k). Ultimately, it all comes crashing down at a launch party.


Richard’s big undoing with Winnie comes when the guys make it known that Richard uses TAB to code while Facebook employee Winnie uses spaces. A total dealbreaker! This all fit with Richard’s character, who’s often his own worst enemy. This is true in the professional world and it also carries over to the dating scene, too.

Dinesh seems to really like Elisabet but is worried about her appearance because of the low-quality of their video streaming. Funny enough, when they finally get that all worked out, it’s Elisabet who’s disappointed.


After five episodes of a lot of going on in Silicon Valley, it was nice to have a lower-stakes episode. It also seemed to fit with this point in the season, on the heels of Richard and his team returning to their old house and Richard back as head honcho. Sometimes the status quo is good and this episode isn’t afraid to stay there for a little bit. But I’m also sure that bigger things are coming down the line, too.



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