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Another season in the books for Richard, team Pied Piper, and . Season three’s final episode aired last night and packed in quite a bit. That whole user farming revelation that punctuated last week’s episode barely had time to fester before Richard discovered what was going down at the top of this week’s episode. I wish the show let that burn a bit more. Richard and Erlich take a big meeting with VCs, and Erlich takes credit for the turn around in daily active users. Richard, though, can’t take it anymore, and spills the beans, revealing that it was all a lie. Totally caught unaware, Erlich lays into Richard outside and the two have a falling out. 


Meanwhile, at Hooli, a dead elephant (yes a pachyderm) is rolled off the premises. Negative publicity swirls around the event and Gavin is in the crosshairs. In order to stifle the story, Gavin purchases CJ’s blog for $2 million. CJ didn’t exactly get a lot of screentime, but I like the role she played on the show this season. The idea that the media influences how we perceive entrepreneurs is an important one. Often, Richard and others totally overreacted to this fact and were the cause of their own demise, not CJ. 

Monica is finally rather active on this week’s season finale. At first, she feels betrayed when Richard takes meetings to find other sources of funding. Later, when she figures out that Richard is in trouble, she serves as an important ally. In a standout scene, Laurie puts the sale of Pied Piper to Hooli up for a vote and  Monica gets fired for remaining in Richard’s corner. Laurie, by the way, is at her no-nonsense best here, and quickly replaces Monica with some poor random passerby who’s forced to vote Laurie’s way. 


It looks like Pied Piper is going to fall into the clutches of a nemesis, but a last minute bid by one Bachmanity LCC, keeps the dream alive. Erlich tells Richard that he’s still upset with him and will have to do a lot of legwork to get back in his good graces. Except, a second later, the team is partying together. 

Season #3, Episode #10 (S03E10)
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