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had so much promise.  I was excited to review this because it’s a story about the genesis of crack cocaine.  I expected it to be good because the content is golden.  The drug’s fallout manifested over a period of 30+ years.  And bringing in John Singleton to tell this story put a cherry on its top.  So, nothing could make this a dud.

Except it is.  How can a story that created many single parent homes evoke no emotion?  How can you be indifferent to a former Black Panther now living on the streets drinking his life away?  And who styled a crackhead to look like some Tommy Bahama model?

Franklin embarks on a road trip with a bud who claims his cousin has connects.  He dips immediately when he realizes that they’re not really about that life – Avi’s business sav gave him a high standard.  Anything less than that is not worth his time.  He stumbles upon a former Black Panther office.  A memory of his father leading the Free Breakfast for Children program rushes to the forefront.  At a tender age, maybe 8 or so, his father him up on a table and directs him to stand up straight, erect his head and put his shoulders back.  He smiles proudly saying, “That’s my son”.


Indeed, Franklin is proud.  As he wades in that memory, a White lady in the shadows interrupts it.  Franklin asks whether she knows anything about that space – was it in fact an old Black Panther office?  She has no idea (duh).  It’s the middle of a night, and some lady is in an abandoned building hanging in the corner.  What about those elements would make Franklin think that building had a squatter who happened to be a historian? (That …)  She leads him to the back and smokes what appears to be a yellow rock.  Franklin, intrigued, inquires about it.  She, of course, finishes smoking and transforms into a space cadet.

Franklin, being the Avi-spawn he is, offers to buy her more.  She leads him to a dealer, and from here folks is where it gets interesting.  Franklin asks the dealer to meet his boss.  He has two kilos of coke on him, and he wants to know how he can turn that coke into what they have.  In the 80s, no nobodies carried around coke, so the dealer did the smart thing.


And who is the boss?  Rza, my dude.  Wu-Tang’s own the crack artist that Franklin wants to emulate.  Franklin talks that talk, and slides into a new type of coke that he will bring to LA.  Bingo!  This is what I have been waiting for.  It took 7 episodes, but crack has arrived.

Unfortunately, my heart hasn’t caught up.  The only storyline that kinda gives me the feels is Lucia and Oso.  They get it in this episode.  Lucia was the HBIC, and now she’s looking a little weak (to her cousin) because she’s getting loved on by Oso.  Oh, and she made him a partner.  IMO, she is not weak.  She is still the HBIC.  She has built her reputation to be nothing less than that, and she will not allow anyone, including a brickhouse of a man, taint her juice or the business.  I think her cousin is just jealous that he isn’t her.  It’s unfortunate because she helped him out when he was tweaking on the product.  He needs to remember that before she has to put the smackdown on him.  But he decides to get bitchy.  He tells his father what’s going on with Lucia and Oso.  Uh-oh.

On the other side of the game, Teddy poses as a friend of one of the girls that Alejandro killed.  If I read that scene correctly, this man is going to murder her, too?  What in all the crap?  Or maybe he wants more information about the dead girl?  I’m a little confused about the motivation behind this, but I know it’s shady af.


“Snowfall” can redeem itself.  Give us more character depth.  Make the crackheads look like actual crackheads.  And create a real villain.  Who am I supposed to hate?  More importantly, who am I supposed to love?  If you guys don’t fix this by the finale, then you lost me.

TB-TV-Grade-B-Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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  1. I certainly understand that this is just another critical review, but it is off-point. Snowfall has just been renewed for a 3rd season because of high ratings. So, not sure which angle you are writing about.

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