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is running into one pitfall with me – why is Franklin so steadfast in staying in the drug game?

Franklin has seen a man get raped.  He is now strapped.  And he knows that if his mother finds out, it will destroy her.  Yes, they live in the ‘hood, but from what I see, they’re happy.  Franklin isn’t being bullied into a gang.  He isn’t financially up against the wall.  He isn’t a troublemaker.  So, why is he a coke dealer?  I need John Singleton to dive deeper into the why.  I am not buying that this kid needs to be a dealer…unless, he is doing it because he just wants to.  And if that’s the case, then I have to look at Franklin as a deviant, a person who despite several other options, chooses to be a crook.

If Franklin is a deviant, then I feel not one iota of sorry for what is about to befall him.  He is consciously contributing to the impending addiction, pain, and death of many in his community.  He will also contribute to the breakdown of the Black family.  The latter is not something he may be thinking about right now, but I hope Singleton makes it very personal for Franklin.


Franklin’s dad lives on the streets as a drunkard. If his dad graduates to “the rich man’s drug”, as Teddy it, that will backfire on Franklin.  He may want financial freedom fast, but it will be at the cost of his dad’s life; his relationship with his dad; and his and his mother’s mental health.  None of it is worth it, but Franklin thinks so.  Getting a gun from his aunt and uncle will sustain him a bit more in this industry.

The industry is shepherded by Teddy.  He is also someone who consciously contributes to pedaling coke.  He claims that he is doing this to cover up the CIA’s involvement, but it’s more than that.  I think he enjoys it.  He used to shudder at the idea of people getting murdered, and now, it seems like he wouldn’t bat an eye.  Is someone a little high on power?  Imagine: you’re a drug lord, but you’ve got a U.S. law enforcement badge that warrants your dealings.  And this is the 80s, where no camera can screw up your illegal hustle.  This further proves that Teddy is no good guy either.  He is just another somebody who is drunk off power.  Teddy’s wife pretty much says that he is choosing this over her and their son.  But she’s all good with it.  I think she probably has another man, but that’s just me.

“Snowfall” is making me think of all the bad things that came from the crack/cocaine epidemic.  I was born in the 80s in Chicago, IL in North Lawndale.  I don’t remember seeing crack on my streets, but I saw spoons.  I didn’t see drugs being exchanged, but I saw young men on corners get anxious when cars slowly rolled by.  I didn’t have a father who was on crack or coke, but I had an uncle who was on something that left him in a wheelchair.


For all people who contributed to this snowfall, how can they sleep at night?  For those who started this, what do they think when they see the fallout?  The Teddys of the world should be jailed.

And how can an that is supposed to protect its citizens distribute a narcotic to its own people?  If Teddy is a metaphor for someone, then it must be stated that he had a machine behind him that OK’d this activity.  This kind of thing could never be a rogue operation.

Singleton, give me more depth.  This is a story that needs to be told, but it can’t be shallow AF.
TB-TV-Grade-BSeason 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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