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After a week off, returns with a vengeance, delivering what I would argue is the best episode yet. When Zorn receives his robot body double back from serving a jail sentence for him, Zorn uses it to skip work so he can wait in line with Alan to get the latest edition of the Blood Soldiers video game. This particular “quest” is especially meaningful to Zorn because not only does he get to spend time with Alan, but he gets to replace Craig, as Craig is also a fan of Blood Soldiers and was originally planning to wait in line with Alan. At work, Todd is assigned a project with Meka Zorn and the two begin to bond, mostly because Meka Zorn’s prerecorded responses aren’t as insulting as Zorn’s regular comments, which leads Todd to believe they are starting anew as friends. Nobody seems to notice Meka Zorn’s presence until he malfunctions in the kitchen and Linda calls his emergency contact: Edie. Edie immediately recognizes Meka Zorn and tells Linda all about Zorn. The two develop a friendship over their hatred of Zorn and bring Meka Zorn back to Edie’s house to beat him up with cookware and drink more wine.


In line at the video game store, Craig shows up, much to Zorn’s dismay. Zorn gets jealous and calls his bird, Clawthor to attack Craig. When Alan stays to help Craig, Zorn gets upset and storms off. He heads back to Sanitation Solutions to collect Meka Zorn. Back at the house, it’s Linda’s turn to beat up Meka Zorn. She whacks him a couple times before getting seduced by his muscles and lack of insults and tries to have sex with him. She is interrupted by Craig and Alan’s arrival. Edie explains Meka Zorn’s presence and Craig decides he wants to give him a whack too. The hit causes Meka Zorn to freeze and Edie’s attempt to fix him causes Meka Zorn to enter “bomb mode.” At the office, Zorn begins asking a very confused Todd if he’s seen him before getting a text from Alan that Meka Zorn is in bomb mode. Zorn rushes to the house where he bypasses “bomb mode” and accidentally sends Meka Zorn into “kill mode.” Meka Zorn wounds Zorn, leaving him incapacitated. Fortunately, Alan distracts Meka Zorn while Craig pours wine on his electrical panel, killing him and voiding the warranty. After the battle, Edie reprimands Alan for skipping school and says he can buy her pizza to make up for it. Alan asks Zorn if he wants to go with him and Zorn excitedly agrees.

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Typically I go over what I believe the show could have improved on before writing about what I liked. But with this episode, I don’t have enough to fill in that section. I suppose the ending was a bit rushed, but that only added to the enjoyable stupidity of the episode. This was the dumbest, silliest, and funniest episode I’ve seen from the series thus far. Every plotline and turning point felt randomly generated and nonsensical. In any other show that might be a fault but for Son of Zorn, it only made things better. The jokes were more plentiful and clever than I’ve ever seen, with each one adding to the absurd and hilariously stupid nature of the show.


The performances were top notch as well. Everybody did their part, even Meka Zorn, who’s lazy-eyed expressions and canned responses cracked me up every time. Tim Meadows especially slayed it, delivering each line with the perfect amount of likeable, non-confrontational calmness that characterizes Craig. As big of a fan as I am, I have felt that the series needed to increase their. joke rate if they wanted to attract viewers outside of the “weird comedy” fanbase they seemed to be targeting. “A Tale of Two Zorns” does exactly that, leading me to believe that as long as Fox gives them enough time, this show could become a hit for a wide variety of audiences.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 830PM on Fox

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