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The biggest question for fans last episode was, “what now?”. Mike is out of prison, Harvey got rid of Sutter, Rachel and Jessica are a dream team counsel, and Louis is going to live happily ever after with Tara.
First off, how do we keep Mike in the picture and keep him from going back to being a bike delivery guy, selling weed, and/or test scores? Well, Harvey offers Mike a as a consultant. Should Mike even think twice about this? I mean, he’s convicted criminal and probably couldn’t get a at Starbucks after his prison stay, yet he still has to mull it over.

We finally glimpse into Jessica’s past which takes us back farther than Suits usually goes during their flashback episodes. We usually just see how they started at the firm or just get context for a case but rarely do we see the characters’ personal life stories. But at the end of Jessica’s flashback it all makes sense; Jessica decides to leave corporate law because she is reminded of when her father rejected her dream of becoming a lawyer and told her she would basically loose her soul when she started practicing. But with the help of Rachel and Leonard Bailey’s case we see just how caring and compassionate Jessica can be. And we get to see her kick ass in the courtroom and win Bailey’s case!

Meanwhile, Harvey and Louis’s training wheels come off when they work together to ensure the firm’s biggest client Jim Reynolds, doesn’t walk away because of  William Sutter’s trash talking. Shouldn’t that guy be in jail already, anyway? With the help of their former tenant, Stu, they are able to buy up enough shares of Reynolds company and get Stu a seat on the board Harvey and Louis thought they couldn’t do it without Jessica, but they succeed. It seems like a this was a test that Jessica knew they would pass. This gives Jessica the assurance she needs to feel comfortable leaving her baby (the firm) in their hands.


And Louis’s Facebook relationship status just got a little more complicated when Tara drops the baby bomb on him and even worse, the baby is most likely not Louis’s. Yet Louis still wants to be with Tara. No surprise there. This is what he always wanted and why his relationship with Sheila failed, she didn’t want kids and Louis did. I was a bit surprised by Louis proposing to Tara and her accepting. I’ve heard of shotgun engagement’s before but that’s usually when the man knows he’s the father. And who gets proposed to by 2 guys, back to back?

I think this episode deserves a round of applause because it’s the first time I was actually surprised by a character’s actions. I never thought Jessica would have an Eat, Pray, Love moment and follow her heart. But she did, and it finally gave her character and storyline some depth. I also loved seeing Rachel step up to the plate in the courtroom and show everyone that she can hold her own. I like that her character was able to grow and stop being dependent on Mike’s character. We see now that his story is no longer the premise of the show.  But what about Harvey? Harvey has been the most consistent character on the show and now he no longer has anyone to answer to (Jessica). Harvey has done a lot of growing over the years and Jessica played a big role in that. He will have to step up even more now that he will be managing the firm with Louis.

This was a pivotal episode to see if the show could survive another season with its premise being changed. But I think this post-Pearson, Spector, Litt world can actually work, at least for one more season.

Season 6, Episode 10 (S06E10)
Suits airs Days at 9PM on USA


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