SUITS Review: “To Trouble”


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Season 6 of brings us back to a deserted Pearson Specter Litt and Mike getting prepped for his prison stay. While Rachel and Harvey bond over missing Mike, Harvey receives a frantic call from Louis about the firm’s status.

The team tries to make sense of the partner’s departure when they get served a class action lawsuit for all of Mike’s cases by the awol partners. Jessica, Louis, and Harvey try to come up with a solution. But tensions run high as Louis and Harvey play the blame game. Louis wants to get rid of Harvey and wants Jessica on his side.

suits_s6ep1_totrouble_2Meanwhile, Mike is realizing prison isn’t going to be like the movies when he meets Danbury’s Prison’s counselor (Malcolm Jamal Warner).

Back at the firm Harvey has had enough of Louis and his finger pointing and decides to leave. Donna stops him and calls him out on abandoning the firm.

Jessica is also in need of some words of encouragement as Rachael reassures her that the partners didn’t leave because of her. Harvey apologizes for almost jumping ship and Jessica has an idea to keep the peace. Jessica and Harvey peer pressure Louis into getting high to hash out their problems. Louis admits to almost ratting out Harvey to Anita Gibbs to save himself. They all share some laughs and decide to pool their resources to battle the suit. But they aren’t in the clear yet, they find out they’re being hacked by the partners for their clients.

Louis comes through with a solution to their problem, using the parters buy ins to settle the suits, and the team celebrates.

Back at Danbury Prison, Mike bonds with his new cellmate Frank. They share their stories and Frank even lets him use his unauthorized cell phone to text Rachel. But Frank isn’t who he seems. Frank revels that he was sent to jail by Harvey and Mike was a pawn in his revenge.

Best lines:

“The ship isn’t sinking, it’s sunk. And I don’t know if I have it in me to pull it back up from the bottom of the ocean” – Jessica

“This life isn’t for everyone” – Jessica

“It’s not a movie brother, it’s just prison” – Danbury Prison’s Counselor (Malcolm Jamal Warner)

“I’m not huffing and puffing.” – Louis

Season 6, Episode 1 (S06E01)
Suits airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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