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Supergirl goes dark – literally – in this week’s episode, “Reign.” With an ominous new danger in town, Supergirl is coping with personal and work issues – and though she doesn’t know it yet, the two happen to crossover. The episode offers a fantastic set up to launch us into the new year and second half of the season while delivering a satisfyingly epic battle between Supergirl and Reign, beautifully (and humorously!) set amongst the holiday season festivities.

The episode picks up where we left off with Supergirl dealing with Mon-El’s return before the big crossover event. It’s clearly a difficult situation for her, particularly with Mon-El and his wife staying at the DEO. It’s much harder to get over someone when they’re always around, clearly. Still, she tries to do the right thing by being friendly and cordial to them both.

I have to pause here a moment to give mad props to the writers for creating literally the worst situation possible for Supergirl to have to deal with. With this current scenario, she doesn’t get to mourn the loss of Mon-El, because he’s still alive, and he’s there, right in front of her. She doesn’t get to be mad at him, because it’s been seven years for him, versus only seven months for her, and it’s understandable that at a certain point he gave up hope of ever getting back to her. But at the same time, she’s feeling incredibly hurt and sad that any and all possibility of ever being with Mon-El again has effectively dissipated, so she can’t feel happy, and being friendly is a pretty difficult challenge.

At the beginning of the episode, we also revisit Samantha and where we left off with her transformation into Reign. Samantha wakes up back at home, with no memory of having left on her journey to “find” herself. She goes back to her normal life, overworking and trying to balance life as a single mother.

However, as everyone is trying to enjoy the holidays, and Kara and Alex are trying to forget that their hearts are broken, Reign starts her, well, reign of terror. No pun intended. She starts by burning her Kryptonian symbol all across National City. Supergirl tries to figure out what the symbol means, but it dates back past the historical knowledge of her Kryptonian hologram computer.

Then, Supergirl gets a call from prison. It’s the obsessed cult leader. In his research across the world, before building his cult, he learned about the ancient polytheistic gods of Krypton, and recognizes the symbol as the symbol of the “World Killer.” He then recites a prophecy to Supergirl about the beast that comes to deliver death before the World Killer comes to take her place reigning over what’s left.


Supergirl of course doesn’t believe in an ancient Kryptonian god, but she does believe she’s capable of fighting Reign, so she ventures out on her own, and an epic battle ensues. In this battle, we learn that Reign is not invincible to Supergirl’s blows, but she can tolerate them pretty well. Better than Supergirl can tolerate Reign’s punches. And that’s exactly how this epic battle winds up: Supergirl and Reign fighting for the upperhand, Reign slowly gaining a foothold above Supergirl, until Supergirl is so tired, exhausted, and defeated that she can no longer fight for herself, or even fly. Reign drops her over the side of a building, and Supergirl falls, the DEO and other flying aliens not quick enough to save her.

And that’s where we leave this episode – Supergirl is possibly in a coma, or possibly dead, and Reign has fully taken up her cause to step into her prophesied place as World Killer. Oh, and Lena Luther and James Olsen are a thing now.

So what will happen in the new year and the second half of the season? I’ll be waiting eagerly to find out.


Season 3, Episode 9 (S03E09)
Supergirl airs Mondays at 8PM on CW

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