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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Hodiak digs for clues into a missing woman while Ken digs up the past to destroy any evidence she even existed.

Airtime: Thursday at 9pm on NBC

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Aquarius establishes no one is safe in a Sick City.

Hodiak digs into Caroline Beecher cold case.

Hodiak gives Caroline Beecher, a woman missing for over seven years, his full attention while Ken Karn and his associates muddy the waters of her very existence. A woman named Lois Miller reported Beecher missing, but she is impossible to locate.

Hodiak mends fences with Cutler who still resents the discovery that Hodiak was sleeping with Opal again. Grace Karn visits the precinct looking for Hodiak, she offers her apologies for her last tirade against him. She wants to Hodiak to find out why Ken represented Manson, and won his case years before, when Beecher and Miller went missing.

Hodiak turns to a nurse, Martha Kendall, and asks if she ever knew Miller, Beecher, or her pimp, Charles Manson back when she was a prostitute. At first, Martha doesn’t have any useful information for Hodiak, but there is an affectionate spark between them. Martha, moved on, accomplished goals she set out in life. Hodiak didn’t evolve as far, he still struggles.

Eventually, Hodiak gets a break in the Beecher case, someone remembers Lois Miller; she was arrested for prostitution under a different name, Louise Mitchell. Hodiak and Martha meet again, this time they enjoy a night of passion. Martha remembers Louise Mitchell, but she thought she left town years ago.

Hodiak looks into missing collection money for a priest friend, Father Mac.

Fr. Mac, an old friend, asks Hodiak to check into a situation at his parish. He suspects another priest, Fr. Rowe, is using collection funds for criminal reasons. Hodiak assures his old friend he will have an investigator look into it discreetly. Hodiak hands the investigation over to one of his poker buddies.

Hodiak’s investigator shadows Fr. Rowe for a day. In the evening, he follows the suspect priest to a seedy poker game, run by local gangsters. The priest loses hand after hand. Hodiak updates Fr. Mac of the crime. Fr. Mac asks Hodiak to hold off on any action until he confronts Fr. Rowe quietly.

Soon after, a report comes into the police station, Fr. Mac is found murdered at the church. Hodiak immediately suspects Fr. Rowe, but he has no real evidence. Cutler arrests the priest on suspicion.

Juicy intrigue at the Peach Pussycat.

Shafe is connecting the dots on his narco case. He meets with Jimmy Too Butano at the Peach Pussycat. Jimmy has a lot of daddy issues, but he doesn’t like Lucille Gladner much either. He never wanted a partner and she wouldn’t have been his choice if he did. Shafe convinces Jimmy to ally with Roy and the Satans. Meanwhile, Lucille calls Shafe’s trusty informant, Mike Vickery, which freaks Vickery out. He thinks it might be an ambush, and he doesn’t want to end up dead, like her husband.

Jimmy Too meets with Roy, at first, he hurls some insults at Roy and the Satans, but the Satans can offer a Jimmy Too the human resource muscle he needs to be his own man. Lucille is the last to hear about this new arrangement for protection. Jimmy offers free dances for all the Satans, but Roy is more interested in Lucille than anyone else at the Peach Pussycat.

Lucille didn’t ambush Mike, but she did have rough sex with him, apparently a little too out of the box for his comfort. He’s afraid to report to Shafe that she wants to keep him around on a regular basis.

The next time Shafe visits the Pussycat with Jimmy, Mike tries to get his attention to tell him something urgent, but Shafe is impatient and doesn’t listen. Jimmy enters the back room alone where Roy murders him in front of Shafe, with Lucille at his side, pulling his strings as he pulls the trigger.

Ken gets called up to the Nixon campaign, but must deal with the hanging chads in his life – wife, Emma, and Manson.

Ken is rewarded for his fundraising efforts; he is named Chairman of the California Campaign Finances for the Nixon Presidential run. Hal warns him the position will come with heavy scrutiny. Ken puts his life, wife, Emma, and Charlie on his to-do list.

He tells Grace the news and orders her to play her part. They agree to legally emancipate Emma, which troubles the rebellious teen. Manson is a much tougher hanging chad to deal with. Charlie knows where Ken and Hal’s bones are buried, but so does Ken. Ken drives out to the rocky hills where he marked the burial site of a missing woman and removes her remains.

Manson closes in on the music business and fantastic madness.

Emma and Roy play horseshoes as Elliot Hillman, a record , arrives at the compound looking for Manson. He has many questions for Charlie. We learn he picked up the guitar while incarcerated at McNeil Island Correctional Center. Elliot asks if Charlie has any prison songs. Manson plays a tune, it seems fairly improvised, but a string breaks sending him into a demented rage. Immediately, he blames Emma for bringing bad energy, and cops, to his doorstep. He orders her to pleasure Elliot, so he doesn’t leave thinking ill of Charlie.

Emma takes Elliot into a bedroom at the compound and explains what she thinks she knows about the Manson philosophy. When Elliot leaves suddenly, he says he’s going to return because he digs Charlie’s music. Manson thinks it’s Emma’s big mouth that drove Elliot away. He punishes everyone in the compound ordering all to take two hits of smiley face LSD each. It’s too much for Minnie; she has a terrible physical reaction. Emma escapes the compound during the commotion. She never took the drugs.

Next week on the show, Manson takes another step towards madness.

Manson gets more unhinged by the week and blames Emma for everything that goes wrong. Hodiak uses solid police work to close in on the mystery of Caroline Beecher.


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