{TB Talks TV} Castle Review: “Resurrection”


Tweetable Takeaway: Two familiar faces are back with a vengeance tonight on Castle.

Airtime: Monday, February 9th, ABC

By: Kaila, Contributor

The long awaited two-parter of  aired tonight, and it was by far my favourite of the season. Suspense, Castle back in the precinct, and a familiar duo who really killed it in tonight’s episode, no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little bit intended.

It is true, Michael Mosley returned in his role as 3XK tonight, even though some had doubts that he was still alive. We also saw the return of Annie Wersching, who is fantastic in her role as the sociopath Kelly Nieman. Together, these two make a creepy duo who go head to head with Castle and Beckett, as well as the rest of the team who have been affected by their antics in tonight’s episode.

The episode begins lightly (of course) with Alexis giving Kate a goodbye peck on the cheek in the morning, which spurs a conversation about raising children. Castle asks if Kate is thinking about it, and apparently she is. But the phone rings, and they decide to talk on it later.

The episode throws us right into the case, the murder victim has all the qualities that are usually found in 3XK’s victims. Blonde, troubled past, the works.

In last year’s episode, where we first met Kelly, it ended with a creepy ballad titled “We’ll Meet Again” and this episode reminded us of that during Beckett’s confrontation with her. I thought the flashbacks worked very well within the episode, enough to remind people of the story without going overboard. 

They bring Castle back on the case, after a little persuading by Beckett, and he reminds everyone in the precinct about his nemesis, 3XK. They question Jerry Tyson, who says that he is not Jerry, he simply got cosmetic surgery to look like him. Why? He was just sick of who he was before. a game of cat and mouse, every time one person thinks they have the upper hand, it turns out they don’t. Castle and Beckett visit Tyson’s mom, and find one of his baby teeth in his room to match DNA, and to be positive that he is Jerry Tyson so they can arrest him.

In the end, which is a cliffhanger, Tyson is released because the DNA on the tooth does not match him. How is that possible? Who IS he if not Jerry?

And of course, the gut wrenching cliff hanger, Kate is lured into a trap, and abducted by the duo. One of my favourite scenes was when Kelly and Jerry (or, Jelly, as they are so fondly being named by fans), steps into the elevator, hand in hand, as Castle realizes that his wife has been taken. I love some good drama.

Next week’s episode is the conclusion to the two parter, and the promo for it looks intense. I can’t wait! What did you think? 


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