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under-the-domeTweetable Takeaway: Turns out the Dome just showed them the end of the world meteor strike in order to get them to band together or some nonsense like that. So how does that make sense?

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 A few weeks ago in these reviews I was up in arms over the way CBS and gipped long-time fans by revealing a huge spoiler in a gratuitous “coming this season on Under the Dome” spot directly after the episode in place of “Next week on Under the Dome.” We saw that the outside world (see: everything NOT underneath a dome) gets pummeled by pink star meteors, resulting in Chester’s Mill residents concluding that they are the only humans left on Earth and the Dome was there to save them all along.

 After last night’s episode, I see why they did that (or why they thought it wouldn’t be such a big deal TO do it), but now that I have that justification I don’t know if I’m more angry or just exasperated. Spoiler Alert: the smokey burning red apocalyptic skies we’ve seen outside the dome since the meteors fell suddenly just… switch off. Like somebody changed the TV channel to sunny blue skies. Turns out the Dome just showed them the end of the world meteor strike in order to get them to band together or some nonsense like that. The Kinship was already banned together under Christine’s rule. All it did was ban together the Dome’s enemies in Julia and Jim. So how does that make sense?


 See, since it all turned out to be subterfuge a couple episodes later and not the long-awaited revelation the audience was led to believe, it was okay to reveal it in a teaser trailer… Right? That’s the logic I’m following. The problem here is, now I’m mad that I was fooled and that the big plot development I thought would drive the rest of the season just got erased with no consequences. “Oh, another zany thing the Dome does!” the characters practically determine with a shrug. As a viewer, I want and expect more.

 But getting past that, I suppose there is an entire rest of an episode to review. The resistance to The Kinship decides they need to find out what The Kinship is excavating from the tunnels beneath the town. Turns out they are gathering amethysts to supply the Dome’s energy (it was almost used up pulling the apocalypse stunt and healing Christine after Sam shanked her). Big Jim takes it upon himself to gather some C4 and blow up the tunnels. What he hopes to accomplish here is unclear. Does he want the Dome to run out of power? He can’t be certain that that will take down the dome. Does that mean they’ll be stuck under it to their demise? Just another example of character motivations being very questionable.

 Beyond that, Norrie finally has a run in with her surviving mother, who has been completely brainwashed to the point of remaining stone faced when Norrie yells at her that she was always closer to her other mom, and they’d talk about it all the time, and her and Joe are having sex! Her mother does the weird X-Files theme-esque whistle thing, and suddenly nameless people under the influence of The Kinship capture Norrie and Joe to put them to work in the mines. After Big Jim’s ridiculous amount of C4 goes off underground, Norrie’s mother saves her and Joe in the final second before a wall of flame shoots her backwards to her death. And in her final moments, here humanity returns. By the way, were we supposed to care that an original cast member died? Because that definitely did not happen for me.


The resulting plot development was that the brainwashed people under The Kinship’s influence DO still have their humanity down deep inside them somewhere. Apparently they just need to be thrown back fifty feet by a wall of fire and pinned beneath a rock sealing their demise before they display it. And things are about to get a whole lot more bloody, as Christine officially decrees at the end of the episode that the resistance must be found and killed. Everyone get their tissues out for the impending scene where Barbie has a chance to kill Julia, but she begs him to remember the “deep, deep love” they shared for the past twenty-one days! Actually I guess if you’re like me, you’ll only need the tissues if rolling your eyes hard releases tears.


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