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Well, we pick up right where we left off , with Big Jim and Pauline reuniting…sort of. Let’s just say it’s slightly awkward. Pauline explains that she and Lyle used a cadaver in the car wreck she was supposedly involved in and that she had to leave because Big Jim didn’t believe her visions. Um, I wouldn’t either. Big Jim then blames her for ruining Junior’s life. Outside, Julia and Rebecca comment on how quickly summer seems to have become fall when Barbie shows up and we get another Julia/Barbie reunion moment. In the Renny bunker, Melanie and Junior are keeping the egg safe when Junior sees a vision of Angie who tells him not to follow his heart. Can you say jealous?

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Together Rebecca, Barbie and Julia reiterate the plot details of the last episode, just in case anyone watching was asleep…for 3 weeks. Barbie wants to implement a plan to get everyone out but Julia needs convincing. Barbie suggests handing over the egg to his father. He’ll go out first to explain the plan, then everyone in town will leave, then Julia will come out last with the egg. Julia likes the plan but insists on going out first – otherwise they might kill Barbie for escaping last time. Melanie comes in and we get another reunion before Barbie explains about his weird memory from last week and they realize they’re half siblings. Not terribly shocking, but at this point, I’ll take anything.

Pauline and Big Jim talk about how much she missed and Big Jim tries to convince her to stay and be part of the family. She’s definitely resistant but she agrees for now. Junior shows up, bringing the reunion count to five this episode. Once Big Jim leaves, Pauline confesses to Junior that she came back for him but she and Big Jim are bad for each other. I guess they’re not getting back together, after all. Junior leaves to guard the town or something and Pauline hears the egg screaming, which sort of drives her insane. Meanwhile, Norrie and Joe go looking for the egg but find Hunter instead. He mentions how he got into the dome and about his Hounds of Diana website, which seems to be mentioned every episode but never actually does anything. The kid detectives hack a radar gun to look for the egg’s signals but Norrie and Joe ditch Hunter before they get too far.

The A Team try to convince a small sector of the town to jump to freedom and encounter some resistance. They want to know what Big Jim thinks of the idea…because they’re sheep and only useful every other week for plot purposes. Good thing Big Jim shows up wanting to know about the plan. He insists on going out first to make the deal with Barbie’s dad and his minions. Once that’s agreed to, he goes home where he finds Pauline freaking out and painting. When he tries to help, she resists so he does what any Renny would do – he locks her up. Of course. When he gets outside, he also hears the egg screaming and when he goes to touch it, it shocks him and throws him against the wall.

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Our one, semi-healthy relationship, Barbie and Julia, talk about what they’ll do once they get out. Barbie assures Julia he’ll still want to be together. Does anyone else remember last season when he killed her husband? Yeah, that was 2 weeks ago in “Under the Dome” time. Just saying. Right when Melanie agrees to show them where the egg is, Norrie and Joe beat them to it. Norrie calms the egg down just by touching it but that also wakes up Big Jim to leads them at gun point to the underground cliff where he wants to throw it off the edge to save his family.

While everyone’s working to save the town, Junior is out for revenge. He finds Sam at his cabin and is just about to kill him when Angie’s ghost stops him. She accurately describes their relationship – it was about possession, not love. Junior listens and Sam lives to be “useful” to the dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim whips the egg over the cliff, which stops the screaming but creates a dome-quake, nearly bringing down the tunnels with it.

In this emergency situation, Hunter searches for a wifi signal, Melanie, Barbie and Julia have made it to the bunker to find it eggless before Melanie passes out and Phil escapes from jail. Did anyone still remember he was in jail in the first place because I didn’t. Barbie and Julia hightail it to Sam’s cabin where he quickly saves Melanie, prompting Junior to comment that the dome really did have another purpose for him, after all. Guess it’s ok to kill him then, right? Big Jim goes to find Pauline who suggests that rather than saving them all, he’s just made life a whole lot harder. Norrie and Joe narrowly escape the tunnel before Phil goes rushing past them. Barbie and Julia follow to find that he has jumped to freedom but missed the mark – the “portal” between Chester’s Mill and Zenith has closed and Phil is dead.

The beginning of this episode started out slow, like most do these days, but at least this week we got a little action for our trouble. It was pretty obvious that the “portal” out wasn’t going to last very long and since we’ve had a bunch of deaths but no new inhabitants under the dome, it seems to have done its of adding characters and slightly moving the plot along. I’m predicting that we’ll get more Pauline visions, which invariably turn out to be accurate while Barbie, Julia and Big Jim continue to fight for dome dominance. If you don’t expect to many surprises, maybe the last few episodes of the season won’t be so disappointing. One can hope.

Next week, things are getting chilly under the dome while Barbie and Julia make off with a run away ambulance. Apparently, things don’t go so well because Barbie is giving CPR to Julia and begging her to hang on.

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