TV Sales, Renewals, Cancellations, Attachments And Greenlights (08.31.12)



and have sold an untitled comedy project to NBC. The project was created by and will star Ingrid Haas who had the idea picked up by Handler and Brunelle’s company Borderline Amazing Productions. The series follows a young woman who accidentally breaks up her parents’ marriage, forcer her father to move into her and her roommate’s apartment. Handler and Brunelle will executive produce with . Haas is repped by , as is Borderline Amazing.

has sold her project to Fox. Based on her graphic novel “Headache”, The series will follow a 23-year old who finds out she is the Greek Godess Athena and must battle various entities and monsters trying to take over the earth, while also maintaing her secret identity. Joy will write and executive produce with and for Chernin Entertainment. Joy is repped by .

MGM is creating a television series based off their 1980 film . will executive produce along with , Charles Segars and Chad Gutstein. The series will serve as a re-imagining of the the film which follows the lives of entertainment-oriented students trying to find success.

NBC has purchased a single-camera comedy from and titled . The show is based on the British series of the same name and centers on the fifteen minutes after school end with kids socializing, teachers trying to keep order and parents trying to find their children. Yuspa and Goldsmith will write the pilot script and executive produce with , and Philip Clarke. Yuspa and Goldsmith are repped by ICM.

and are spearheading an effort to bring to the small screen. Sony has taken on the project and Murphy and Ryan will serve as executive producers with the former also considering a role in front of the camera. The film followed Murphy as a hardened New York cop who starts serving the posh streets of Beverly Hills. He is repped by .

ABC has ordered a pilot from Joss Whedon for S.H.I.E.L.D., the alliance encompassing The Avengers. Whedon will helm the pilot and write the script with his brother and . The trio will executive produce with and . Marvel will handle production of the pilot, which is set to start lensing immediately. Whedon is repped by .

CBS has purchased a comedy from “The Big Bang Theory” actors/writers and . Under the working title THE SECOND COMING OF ROB, the series follows a recently divorced man who reunites with his college buddies after seven years of strictly defined marriage. , and will executive produce. Bowie is repped by and Sussman is repped by .

has sold a light drama to NBC which she will executive produce and Chad Hodge will write and executive produce. The project is loosely inspired by Lambert’s upbringing and centers on a married couple who try to balance running a detective with raising two children. and will also serve as exec producers. Lambert and Hodge are both repped by .

and have sold an untitled high-concept thriller to NBC. The project centers on a world similar to earth that is largely populated by human-looking robots. Gordon, an exec producer for “Homefront”, will supervise the project with Friedman writing. The project comes from 20th Century Fox and Teakwood Lane. Gordon is repped by and Friedman by .

The feature film will be developed into a television series for . The film followed a comedic singer () who rised through the business on dumb-luck, only to have it come crashing down. The series will show it living with his equally struggling brother trying to make it in the industry. The films writer and director will write the project with Phillips and , who will also serve as an executive producer with and David Permu.

ABC has purchased from Di Bonaventura . The project will follow a mysterious organization that helps people in desperate and compromising situations. is attached to write the pilot and will exec produce with and . Bell and Di Bonaventura are repped by and McDermott is repped by .

, and have secured a pilot with ABC titled THE HOUSEWIVES. Wilson and Raphael wrote and exec produced the project with Raphael also eying one of the roles in the series which would follow three female friends in 1954 America. Sony and Olive Bridge Entertainment are producing the project. Wilson, Raphael and Gluck are all repped by .

will be returning to television with a new untitled comedy written by . The project stars Williams as a top notch executive working with his daughter in the world of advertising. 20th Century Fox will produce the series which Kelley is executive producing with Bill D’Elia. Perennial funny man Williams, who won an Oscar for his work in, of all projects, the drama “Good Will Hunting”, is repped by and will next be seen in “The Big Wedding”. Kelley is repped by as well and is currently working on the pilots for “Monday Mornings” and “The Crazy Ones”.

An untitled project written by has been purchased by CBS. The series centers on an FBI agent who single-handedly thwarts a terrorist attack while on vacation and is placed in the lead of a Washington D.C. task force. and will exec produce for Original with Thompson co-executive producing. Thompson has been featured in front of the camera with roles in “The O.C.”, “Run Of The House” and “Blades Of Glory”. He is repped by .

NBC has purchased two comedies from Ken Kwapis through a first look deal which will have him direct and executive produce both. The first, under the working title , was written by and focuses on a man and his domineering mother. The second project, which is currently untitled, will be written by and is described as a family comedy based on ’ “Joey Pigza” book series. Kwapis is repped by and in the past has directed episodes for “Malcolm In The Middle”, “The Office” and “Outsourced”.


has been tapped to write and executive produce , an ABC drama that will serve as a remake of the Dutch series “Overspel”. The follows an unhappy married woman who has an affair with a powerful attorney. and will executive produce with Zabel, who served as the showrunner for the hit drama “E.R.” He is repped by .

Starz has chosen to direct the pilot of executive producer Michael Bay’s . The series follows famed pirate Captain Flint and his crew, twenty years before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”. director Marshall made his debut with the helming of the critically acclaimed “Blackwater” episode of “Game Of Thrones”. He also served as the director for the action-horror films “Dog Soldiers”, “The Descent” and “Doomsday”. He is repped by ICM.


FX has ordered 90 episodes for the led comedy . The order comes despite ending on declining ratings. When it premiered earlier this summer the series was the most-watched primetime scripted comedy series ever. The series follows Sheen in a role similar to his in “Two And A Half Men” as a womanizing anger management therapist with anger management issues of his own. Showrunner executive produced along with , , and .


FOX 21 has signed Craig Wright to an overall deal which will allow him to create his own projects and supervise other writers. Wright is the creator behind “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Underemployed” and was part of the writing team for the acclaimed “Six Feet Under”. He is repped by and .


Nickelodeon has cancelled its children’s comedy series . The series only lasted one series and its axing comes shorty after Nick also stated that “Icarly” and “Victorious” will finish their runs this fall. The show, created by Jim O’Doherty and based on the book “How to Rock Braces and Glasses” by , followed a girl who lost her school popularity and tried to reinvent herself.


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