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LOCKE & KEY From Film to TV and now… SOLD!

LOCKE & KEY has gone through almost every media platform before finding a home that has not only bought it (third sale) but has confirmed to shoot it.

As we reported a little over a week ago, the project, based on the Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) graphic novel, was originally set up as a film. After busy schedules, and a sluggish move through development, the team decided on a new outlook, with producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman went for some heavies, bringing on Steven Spielberg to produce alongside them, and Josh Friedman to pen a TV pilot. And, lets be honest, any TV project with those 5 names on it, is already on a level echelons above any other spec pilot.

And that is precisely what Fox thought, snatching up the pilot today, with a commitment to shoot the pilot, and a hefty penalty if the series does not air.

So, ratchet the number of Steven Spileberg TV shows on Fox in 2011 to two, with LOCKE & KEY joining TERRA NOVA.