Verve, Bellevue Painting the Town with Spec “HAPPY LITTLE TREES” Centered on the Feud Between Bob Ross & Bill Alexander

and are making big waves with a hot new spec from writer .

Set in the 1980’s, the story follows the feuding paint gurus Bob Ross and Bill Alexander. The dispute is fueled by Alexander’s claims that Ross stole the beloved “The Joy of Oil Painting” concept from Alexander’s previous long-running show “The Magic of Oil Painting.” This feud would go on to change the lives of these two influential and inspirational figures forever.

Dwyer’s previous script, 73 Seconds, hit the market earlier this year and took the town by storm. The aerospace-centered story, described as a mix between Hidden Figures and Spotlight, now has Adam Goodman’s Dichotomy Creative Group attached to produce.

Dwyer is represented by and at as well as at Bellevue, who helped guide Dwyer’s last project to success. Time will tell if Happy Little Trees can shake up the market in the same way, but signs are looking positive as producers have begun to hit major territories.

Spec is now into::
Alexa Faigen into
Broken Road into
Broken Road into
De Line Pictures into
Unique Features into Amazon
Unique Features into
Unique Features into Orion
Unique Features into

Stay tuned for updates…


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