CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND Review: “Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!”


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Airtime: Airtime: Mondays at 8PM on The CW
Episode: Season 1, Episode 18 (S01E18)


Tweetable Takeaway: #CrazyExGF wraps up w/a strong season, leaving us on the edge of our magic carpet?  

The show we quickly fell deeper in love with week after week has come to an end, for now. If you haven’t embraced the weird and crazy that is thus far, re-watch, try again or go back to your Real Housewives marathon.

Relationships are put to the test as Rebecca struggles with her feelings towards Greg and Josh.

Paula is upset with Rebecca for keeping secrets and secretly hiding who she’s been sleeping with. And understandably so, any good friend would be. But is that really the reason? Paula’s pretty hung up on Josh, are we sure she’s not into him? Just kidding, but we do know Paula keeps pushing the idea of Josh, mainly because she believes her friendship with Rebecca thrived when she was chasing him. Really healthy relationships guys, I know.

A mean, vengeful and spiteful Paula is pretty darn scary! It seems like all the tables have flipped. So with that being said, I’m going to go out and say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Paula and Rebecca end up becoming frenemmies in the near future as she’s become a little too involved in Rebecca’s personal matters and has given some off putting advice. I mean, in order to keep the show alive-you must have drama, right? A feud between these two would be intense and full of hysterical pranks setting each other up.

Heather….can’t you go study abroad or something? The neighbor turned love interest is now subbing in as best friend while Rebecca and Paula settle their differences, weird. Heather also gives Rebecca advice about Greg, even weirder. Rebecca shares about wanting to have “a moment” with Greg to show him she’s really into him. That’s sweet, but what about just old fashioned talking and communication?

Josh’s sisters wedding is around the corner, a Cinderella theme which is quite fitting as Rebecca tries to let her feelings determine who her Prince Charming really is. Running into Josh at the jewelry store not only serves as an awkward moment but also one of self realization and denial there’s perhaps something there left unexplored.

Look, I know this is not a fashion show, nor am I a fashionista, but I couldn’t help but be distracted by Rebecca’s gown. I thought she was going to a wedding, not prom. Greg, was the tux shop closed? You too look like a teeny bopper who casually stopped by the Forever 21 Men’s department and picked up a few random pieces. No tie, but sneakers? Come on! This is supposed to be like fairy tale, not a hipster industry event in Los Feliz. Greg pushing away the feels and being the sarcastic ass he can be doesn’t give Rebecca what every girl wants when dressing up: a compliment! Not your classic gentleman, perhaps also not your Prince Charming.

My utmost favorite exchange of dialogue this season was in this episode.

Rebecca: Isn’t it romantic?
Greg: I don’t know, if you think about it, it’s kind of the epitome of Southern California pastiche; a chain hotel with vaguely French decor and Italian food is being served Tapas style while the Filipino girl is marrying a Jewish guy, all with a lightly Arabian Nights style. What was this Pinterest board called? Juxtaposition?

It couldn’t have been written and said any better than that. What a perfect, beautiful, well said mouthful rant! Extra brownie points for the vast vocabulary. I’m telling you, the writing in this show is superb! Tell me about another show out there that has the same style, dialogue/lyrics as this one. You can’t, it’s one of a kind which makes it so incredibly unique and entertaining.

So…how did White Josh and Whitefeather get invited to the wedding? I don’t care to figure it out because I’m too distracted by how adorable Darryl and White Josh look in their matching tuxes!

Darryl notices Rebecca, sad and alone, also feeling the rift between her broken friendship with Paula and does what any good friend would do. He leaves a wedding to get her best friend to cheer her up! What a guy.

For all the oh so “die hard” Disney fans…how many of you really knew who Josh’s Aunt Myrna was before she performed? No, really? Be honest with yourself. Loving Disney movies and characters does not characterize you as a super “fan”, it’s also about knowing some Disney history. Just keeping it real.

Anyway, for those that wanted a fairytale ending, you couldn’t get any more magical than having Lea Salonga guest star. She’s wonderful! I’m tempted to pop in one of my Disney VHS movies into my VC errrr, no one has those anymore. (Salonga was the singing voices to two Disney Princesses: Jasmine and Mulan)

Josh and Rebecca…Greg and Rebecca. It’s pretty complicated. The show did a fantastic confusing the hell out of me. I wavered between Josh and Greg constantly. If that was their intention they did a great . My emotions were toyed with as well, I didn’t know who I wanted and I wasn’t even dating them. And just when you thought the magic carpet ride was over…it comes back. Josh is officially single and on the market after Valencia breaks up with him. Greg, too afraid to express what he truly feels, blows it with Rebecca. Only to realize he “should’ve” said ‘I love you’ rather than, ‘I think you’re cool’. Things are finally falling into place, finally some stability. Eh, not so much-that’d be too easy. Looks like things took a complete full circle and are on the same broken record track. Rebecca and Josh share that “moment” she longed to have, but it quickly comes to a halt when she admits to him that she moved here for him. As if it wasn’t obvious enough this new discovered truth scares the crap out of him and his face tells it all.

Season two will surely continue to further explore the dynamics of this twisted triangle and circle of friends. A repeat back and forth between Josh and Greg is bound to happen, the only difference is that now there is a history, where in its rookie season history was yet to be made. No more starting over on a clean slate, more liking cleaning up the damage.

Looking back at season one of the things that made the show as successful as it was were the songs! Absolutely brilliant!

What would CEG be without those absurd lyrics that get stuck in your head? Here are my top 5 for season one:

5. I Give Good Parent
4. The Sexy Getting Ready Song
3.  I Have Friends
2.  Settle For Me
1. A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes

A lot remains yet to be seen, as Frank Sinatra would say, “…the best is yet to come.”

Will Paula and Rebecca remains besties? Will Darryl transition from bi to full on gay? Do Rebecca and Josh really have a shot at love or are they just infatuated with the attention for one another?

Thanks to the CEG readers and a special thanks to the CW for picking up a show that in my opinion has already established a cult following. Who knows what the show would have been like had it actually aired on Showtime but am very glad the CW saw the potential and took a chance on a very unique, one of a kind show.



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