CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Review: “Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?”


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Airtime: Mondays at 8PM on The CW
Episode: Season 1, Episode 17 (S01E17)


Tweetable Takeaway: Are #CrazyExGF’s Rebecca and Paula, the Lucy and Ethel of our generation?  

After laying in bed for three days, playing word games, and a room covered in empty pizza boxes and wine bottles, you’d think Rebecca and Greg were the hottest couple in West Covina. So because the chase is finally over, Greg seems to retreat back to his commitment phobia and backs off. The new relationship term for friends with benefits, “light and polite”. Sure, a lot of us were Team Greg as we knew the possibility of love with Josh were highly unlikely and thought it was because of unrequited love. Things have shifted and they’re leaving us feeling duped. Is that really it for Rebecca and Greg? All that build up, and smack (no pun intended), blah. Oh, I get it  writers. You want us to NOT want Rebecca and Greg to be a thing, you’re tricking us to shift over to Team Josh. Got it.


Rebecca and Paula try to make like Stella and get their groove back, as their friendship has slightyly taken a dip, but a conversation withholding all talk regarding Josh Chan is just boring. Paula can’t let go of the idea of Josh being right for Rebecca and is worried her tight bond with her bestie Rebecca will suffer because of it.  As if we needed more reasons to adore Paula, she is essentially checking off on my bff list, she has the purest of intentions (most of the time) and the girl can bake! We learn she annually enters and loses a pie contest but Rebecca promises to help her win. Looks like this wacky duo are getting back into some Lucy and Ethel shenanigans.

Best friends are supposed to tell each other everything, right? Well, sort of. Rebecca not feeling comfortable, avoids sharing with Paula about her new love affair despite Paula seeing and grabing Rebecca’s panties from her blazer. She lies to her about not shacking up with anyone…  Not buying into Rebecca’s lie, she’s cool with it for now, she just wants to know if she’s getting her “butterfly smashed” and by whom. These metaphors are EVERYTHING, I mean, sure, they sometimes don’t make sense but this show is surely making and starting new trends that are quickly on their way to becoming the best hashtags of 2016.

“My sweet love injection has caused a urinary tract infection,” ‘I Gave You A UTI’ is incredibly well written and performed. Song writers and perverts will soon collaborate, as this show and this song will have them jotting down jingles and rhymes moving into season two, just watch.

Hector, Josh and Heather are hanging out at Home Base (a bit random) and can’t help but notice Greg’s amazing and unusual mood. In denial and not wanting to believe Heather’s (correct) assumption about Greg and Rebecca showing signs of mating, Josh calls her a “Dumbface” he leaves and says, “I gotta go ’cause I don’t want to catch your dumbness”. Totally Kindergarten, but Josh finally got something right dead on and called out something I’ve been thinking all season. Heather is a Dumbface alright.

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Feeling the need to release his confused state of emotions, Josh suits up in his gi and looks like a very cute, wannabe Karate Kid. Perhaps unable to do two things at once (we know Josh can’t handle much) confused and trying to process what he’s feeling, only a few words come out as he interpretive sings and dances. “Angry. Mad. Why do I feel this way? My heart is hurting.”

Worried about having the ‘feels’ is a bit too late, Rebecca struggles with determining what she feels for Greg and if he feels the same. Trying to treat the new love affair as as a casual fling she cries out, “Is there an IUD that can stop the image of you and me? Oh my God, I think I like you.” This is normal for most women, she has feelings for a guy, is Rebecca on her way to being normal? 

The love triangle continues as Rebecca lands in the hospital for an untreated UTI. Gross.

We’re left holding on to the edge of our seats when both Josh and Greg show up making things even more awkward with words unsaid and feelings unsettled.

If anything remains, it’s that Rebecca and Paula are essentially the Lucy and Ethel of our generation!





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