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Dirk develops a new theory about Peter Spring’s love for walls in DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY, “Rogue Wall Enthusiasts.”

You ever have those shows that you love so much, you get so absorbed in the story of the episode, you don’t even realize the episode is over until they’re rolling the credits, and you’re just sitting there, wishing it wasn’t done yet, because you want to know what happens next? I cannot rave about this show enough. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is exactly this, only more so, because it’s also quite hilarious.


This episode in particular seemed to ramp up the humor, if only ever-so-slightly. There were a few more character quips and a couple extra physically comical moments. My favorite, of course, being the moment that this episode is so aptly named after, when Dirk, in attempting to find an answer to why a map left by the dead Peter Spring would bring them to a blank wall in the basement of his mansion, guesses that Peter Spring must have a love of walls, and therefore, perhaps his death was caused by Rogue Wall Enthusiasts. Perfect Douglas Adams humor.

The episode was particularly good for other reasons as well, though. Not the least of which being Bart’s and Ken’s moments together. After explaining to Bart how songs on the radio work, and then singing along to the Backstreet Boys, the pair are captured by the threatening biker gang out to seek revenge on the person (Bart) who killed their friend (the man who fixed Bart’s car in the last episode). The biker gang ties the two up with the intention of burning them at the stake, but the world is operating in their favor, and Bart is able to kill all of them before any of them kill Ken. After this, Ken becomes a true believe in Bart’s strange connection to the universe, and they continue on their way to find – and kill – Dirk Gently.


Amanda also has a strange and interesting experience – the Rowdy 3 have been following her, and watching her from their van for quite some time. Amanda’s even gotten used to their presence. She’s so comfortable with them watching over her that she decides to venture out to the grocery store by herself. She makes it all the way to the checkout line without a problem, and then her condition starts acting up, and she feels like her whole body is on fire. She runs out into the parking lot, and this is when the Rowdy 3 finally emerge from their van. They hover over her, in much the same way that they hovered over Dirk, but we aren’t sure if they are sucking anything out of Amanda (as they were with Dirk) or if they are somehow helping her. We aren’t able to tell, because we instead see all of this through Amanda’s perspective, which involves a lot of visions of people we’ve never seen before – is it her disease in visionary form? Either way, she wakes up in her garage with a bag full of groceries, and the Rowdy 3 gone.

Other strange things are happening and clues are popping up as well – we get a glimpse into the origin (or one of the origins) of the strange man who is holding Lydia’s body hostage. Apparently, he is not the only “all-powerful” spiritual being, and he used to be a rock star. But he was banished from that body and put into this one because his ego was getting too big. He’s been bitter ever since.


And Dirk gets a visit from the government official who was the head of the program he was a part of. The official tries to talk Dirk into coming in with him, but Dirk is angry. He – the government official – apparently made more than one promise he couldn’t keep, and Dirk doesn’t want anything to do with him or his program anymore, especially when Dirk has a case to work on. The government official leaves him alone…for now.

And our corgi is alive! She’s found her way to the police station, and is now in the hands of the missing persons detectives investigating Lydia’s disappearance and Peter Spring’s murder. Highly suspicious to these folks when then, only a few minutes later, Todd comes in to admit that he saw Lydia and knows who has kidnapped her. What a coincidence – or too much to be a coincidence?

This show is so perfectly well-balanced between mystery, sci-fi, humor, and action. I am so incredibly excited to see the next episode. I’ve already started counting the days.

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 9PM on BBC America

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