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Love is in the air this week on . Romantic “Interference” if you will, is a big factor in both timelines. While it’s great to have a primary focus be on something other than an episodic police case, it’s an odd tonal shift within the episodes, to go from some light flirting straight into a woman scared for her life. At least the constant difference in stakes makes for a more interesting episode than we are used to, even if that comes at the cost of thematic inconsistency.

The plot not involving romance is continuing over from last week, where Raimy and Frank are investigating a religious camp for Nightingale interference. A mysterious woman in a mental hospital watches the press release on , and wants to contact Raimy. It’s clear she’s got some serious info, but alas isn’t let to make an unsupervised phone call. As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that that this woman is Meghan, a girl at the camp who attempted suicide and was most likely targeted by the Nightingale. Poor Meghan. It’s been real rough out there, and she obviously is still not doing well. The facility she’s in seems is sinister as hell, which is the standard for television mental facilities, and the dark lighting of Frequency doesn’t help one bit.

When your life as you know it is also in flux but hey cute boy! Credit: The CW

Raimy and Satch are trying to track down juvenile delinquents who frequented spooky summer camp, and a seemingly nice man in charge of the program gives them some information. You know they say about seemingly nice men though: often they are secretly in cahoots about keeping a poor woman in a mental hospital. That’s what this man is doing as the pieces begin to sort of fall into place, by showing how crucial Megan is, and how sinister this one man is. It might be too soon or too easy to place him as the Nightingale, but he is added to the suspect list for sure.

There is one moment Meghan gets away to call the task force but she only gets her first name out. Next week, Raimy is sure to crack this part of the case, but for now she is busy being stuck in a love triangle. She is great at playing the worn out trope of being super together and efficient but flustered whenever men are around. In her defense, it must be very jarring to be face to face with your alternative universe fiance, as she is for a good portion of “Interference.”

Our heroine is just at home with her buddy Gordo, a fully useless character, when her cop she’s seeing comes in with pizza. He’s a sweet guy, even if fairly forgettable, and him and Gordo really hit it off as they play video games. This almost date is quickly interrupted by none other than alternative universe fiance Daniel, who drunk and confused about his attraction to Raimy, as we all are. Apparently, coming off as a stalker is a great romance move on Raimy’s part. She takes him home, and they flirt and share a tiny kiss before he has to throw up. I hate it when that happens. It may have seemed like a drunken one time thing, but what do ya know, at the end of the episode, who should appear on her porch but sweet innocent Daniel. She runs into his arms and kisses him, as one does when they are mid solving their mother’s murder. The two of them have decent enough chemistry, but it seems to take up an extraordinary amount of time, considering the fabric of time is being meddled with and no one seems to care.

When you are having sympathy for your ex but it doesn’t matter because you’re gonna die in two months. Credit: The CW

Another relationship that has too much focus is that of Julie and Frank. Young Raimy sees Julie kisses her softball coach and turns into a moody child, citing every cliche in the book. Frank, having absolutely no boundary issues finds out, and yells at his wife for letting her daughter see her kiss another man. It’s not a great moment for Frank, as he comes off as a real jerk who can’t let go of anything. Later, after Julie yells at him and he has a nice moment with his daughter, he apologizes to Julie and admits his failings as a father and husband. It’s a nice moment, but doesn’t completely make up for the things he said earlier. He talks it over with Raimy and is set on getting Julie back. Raimy is more than encouraging, as these are her parents, but no one mentions the elephant in the room: that even if Julie and Frank get back together, she is still going to be murdered.

This is just an example of how the priorities seem to be all over the place this week. Though it is better than just a procedural, it’s still very out of place and jarring to see the mystery being picked up and dropped again. These characters romantic entanglements seem out of place especially when one of their lives in in danger.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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