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And further down the rabbit hole we go. Nobody stays good in this world as “Operational Realignment” sends everyone scrambling to make their interests come to fruition. INCORPORATED is at its strongest this week as Aaron is now fully Ben Larson (Sean Teale), and Ben is a much better person than Aaron. You may ask what does that mean for Ben’s now erased past as Aaron? Well this wouldn’t be Incorporated without a little espionage and blackmail, now would it?

Picking literally where we left off last week, Aaron explains to Hendrick (Damon Herriman) that he now needs to purge his memories from his mind as Spiga and specifically Julian (Dennis Haysbert)  are looking right at him. Now that Everclear will be used against him, Aaron is stored on a neuropath and with the memories severed completely from his mind Aaron is now fully Ben Larson with his mind making new memories under the Ben alias to pass Everclear. After the successful procedure, Ben wakes up in his car with no memories of what transpired. With a ringing in his head, he cleans up, makes coffee for Laura (Allison Miller), and heads to Spiga. While on his way there he buys the same ring he gave Elena (Denyse Tontz). Upon Ben’s arrival at Spiga he’s escorted to Eveclear where Julian is waiting for him. Ben is legit scared as he’s strapped into Everclear and interrogated as the fake memories show up in the background. Julian is not satisfied with the results of the interrogation as his assistant tells him he’s not lying and no one tampered with the machine. Julian is consoled by his wife who says he just may be innocent and that he needs to find someone he can trust to do the . Back in his office, Ben finds the birth control he was taking and beings to wonder why, then sees Roger’s father George Caplan (Mark Moses) clean out Roger’s office. Ben goes over to offer condolences, but George doesn’t trust him or anyone at Spiga and tells him to leave. Ben approaches Julian about solving Roger’s murder and helps him find the scene of the crime. The crime he committed. The two find a weather monitor on a nearby roof and the owner approaches them. Ben asks the man about the machine and heat signatures. He sees that the tech can read how wind and sound hit an object by pinpointing the precise time wind and sound hits, Ben, and can build a 3D crime scene. Julian pays the man and Ben downloads the weather information. Ben gets to work at his house, but as Laura comes home for the night he makes good on his promise of putting them first with some adult time. Julian is visited by Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) and tells her Ben is innocent and David Gates is gunning for her. Elizabeth tells Julian that it’s time to extract the gene splicer, while Ben continues to work on the virtual crime scene as Julian calls him. He pinpoints the exact scene of the crime and sees himself carrying Roger’s corpse.

Laura continues to venture out into the Red Zone to get her clinic up and running under the watch of Goran (Tahmoh Penikett). Laura’s first patients are a man and his son. The guy’s son has an artificial heart due to a defect with his real heart which was replaced at an early age. Being Red Zoners they haven’t done (and can’t do) anything to keep the artificial heart up to date. As Laura attempts to reset his heart she calls Hema-Bionics to get the reset, but the heart was stolen so Hema-Bionics is going to shut it down. Laura is forced to do a manual reset in which she succeeds. Hema-Bionics shows up to shut down the reactivated heart, but Goran goes to saying he’ll rescind the security he provides Hema-Bionics when they show up in his sector to extract plasma. Hema leaves and Goran tells Laura he’s just protecting his investment. Laura goes home to Ben and they make love. Laura comes clean to Ben that she has started a clinic in the Red Zone and that she’s gonna quit her to which Ben approves. Ben then gives Laura the ring to which she loves and they go at it again for seconds. Goran, however, is visited by Julian, and we learn that the two know each other and are good friends. Julian needs information on Roger’s death and Goran asks him why to which Julian replies that his wife told him he needs someone who he can trust. That person is Goran.

Theo (Eddie Ramos) has now lost himself in a haze of copious amounts of Blur leading to reckless and violent behavior that drives his boyfriend away. Theo reports in with Terrence (Ian Tracey), and Semo (Pedro Miguel Arce) sees that Theo is whacked out of his mind and recommends to Terrence that he sits out a fight with a major opponent. Terrence, however, wants to get a fight beyond the wall through a spotter who is coming to the fight at Theo’s in that night. Terrence is none too pleased with Theo’s condition either. However, Theo reassures Terrence and tells Semo to give him the drugs. Theo is losing the fight badly. Just as he’s about to be knocked out the drugs kick in and he beats his opponent to death. The spotter is pleased and Terrence gives Theo his steak to which he cooks and eats alone. Realizing what he’s lost, Theo throws the steak across the room.

INCORPORATED -- "Operational Realignment" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Dennis Haysbert as Juilian -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)

Hendrick is rightfully scared that Ben will get caught and will lose everything. Taking precautions throughout the day, he meets Ben in the Spiga breakroom and doesn’t upload Aaron back into Ben after talking to him and realizing that it’s to his benefit that Aaron’s memories never come back. However, Aaron foresaw this and created a contingency on Hendrick by letting everyone know that Hendrick is really Reed through prerecorded messages he timed to send to Reed. Hendrick then tries to hack Aaron’s computer by retrieving the files, but Aaron had a failsafe in another prerecorded message, speeding up the program Aaron has running in delivering the files on Hendrick. Hendrick, however, continues with the hack.

It’s funny how Aaron’s plans keep backfiring on him and in the process, destroys everyone around him as well. Ben inadvertently helping Julian and Spiga solve Roger’s murder is both funny and sad. He is a victim of his own crimes. Theo keeps spiraling into a black hole of loose women and drugs. It’s truly heartbreaking seeing someone just trying to survive now become a soulless monster who now loves to fight for Terrence. The twist with Goran and Julian is well done and spells trouble for not only Aaron/Ben but for Laura as well. And speaking of, Laura is such a strong character now and the show’s MVP. I’m excited to see where these last two episodes take her because out of everyone I’m rooting for her to make it out okay.

INCORPORATED -- "Operational Realignment" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Stephanie Belding as Rachel, Allison Miller as Laura Larson -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)

Incorporated has really come into its own now showing the dangers of climate change but also the dangers of all the cool tech the characters rely so heavily upon. With the way things are going in the real world, this is now delivering on its timely premise of letting corporate control run wild as business, politics, and power go hand in hand. The theme of classism is coming to the forefront in this show as we watch the characters jockey for class mobility in various levels week after week and losing a bit of themselves in the process.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
Incorporated airs Wednesday at 10PM on SyFy

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