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In the 7th installment of , Chris returns to school to hold onto his tenure but  his bosses think his erratic behavior is because he’s an addict. As they admit to their own vices, they demand to know what he’s been up too. Chris tells them he’s a sex addict. They give him an ultimatum to publish something by the end of the year in order to he can keep his and that they don’t care really care about his sex addiction. Dan bursts into his classroom with a stupidly insane but actually genius plan to avoid suspicion when they purchase the ice cream parlor. He brings in John Hancock and Samuel Adams to avoid suspicion. Deborah meets a new friend while researching what it takes to buy a business. Dan brings John and Samuel to a realty company to negotiate on their behalf so they can buy the ice cream parlor.
When they get to the ice cream parlor, they’re shocked to see Deborah in pants and running her own business because she’s a woman. Deborah says what I honestly wish was true, “I’m sorry but white men don’t run everything anymore”. Tear. John and Samuel demand to go back home and Dan tells them to take some of their modern ideas about sexism back to the past with them. Chris asks John and Samuel to stay longer so he can learn more about their experiences in the past. They agree but wreak havoc on Chris and Dan’s lives. In fact, he’s so bothered by their actions he demands they go back to 1775.

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Throughout “Night Cream” John and Samuel begin to really enjoy the pleasures of the future while still remaining perplexed by technological advances. They become more trouble than they’re worth when they trash his apartment trying to find the little music men in the sound box. Deborah later fires Dan from her parlor because of his horrible idea for Night Cream. I saw this coming because Dan doesn’t really have the best history of coming up with great ideas. I mean remember the first second episode when he almost ruined history. Exactly!

Meanwhile, John and Samuel find their way to Chris’s class causing quite a stir and reveal a couple of private moments to the class. They’ve discovered the freedom of assembly and lead the students to freedom from the class by assembling in the quad. Surprise, his bosses are sitting in his class and watched everything unfold. They decide to pull his tenure status and demand he takes a sex sensitivity class. Deborah is at the ice cream parlor working on her newest idea to make the shop a success. John and Samuel march into the parlor congratulating themselves on helping Chris. They actually hurt his to build him back him up! 

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Two of my favorite moments in this episode involve John Hancock and Samuel Adams. First when when Dan brought John Hancock and Samuel Adams to the future.  They burst in on hoverboards as hip hop music blasts in the background while Dan shows us his dance moves and Chris jaw is on the floor. I really enjoyed this scene because in essence it’s has the best elements of the show, pop culture, characters from the past and the present. Second is when Dan uses his ipad to be the voice of God to make them want to go back to the past. Genius! I really love them together because they provide the majority of the laughs.

Making History can typically be hit or miss and fortunately for us it’s been a hit lately but I can’t help but feel like this show was a sketch that’s gone on too long. Although, I enjoyed this episode as they really mixed in the characters from the past with the trio in the future, I think the series is finally getting to a great place. I’m excited to see what happens next week since John Hancock and Samuel Adams are still in the future!
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Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
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