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Mary and Jane

As the final episode of the first season of MARY + JANE comes to a close, the ladies are celebrating 420 as though it is Christmas, with bunches of buds, a weed tree and even carolers. And once again, the dog is randomly sharing his thoughts with the audience, something that I forgot about because it doesn’t really add anything to the show—not a quirk of humor or some kind of enlightenment.


Paige and Jordan are enjoying their business as drug dealers, visiting a shut-in old lady that is the show’s first example of the magical healing power of weed and how it can help anyone with anything. However, the positive example is kind of hampered by the fact that she’s a batty old lady that hasn’t stepped outside in decades and is too quirky for anyone to want to follow in her weedy footsteps.

We eventually meet up with Bentley, who has sold out to a corporation, Dopeco, which delivers weed via drones and costs less than buying from small outfits like Mary + Jane. He’s got a fancy car, arm candy, and a restaurant boat and says that all the dealers are selling out to the big company. So Paige and Jordan decide to head over to Dopeco and find out their options. Using yet another millennial food gag, Dopeco offers the ladies coconut water while they decide whether or not to collect a signing bonus as Dopeco has expanded from delivering diapers to delivering dope via drone. Once again, in light of the recent vote to allow legal marijuana in California, the show doesn’t make a lot of sense and I can’t really imagine how the second season would work if you can just get your legal weed any time you want it—from a small startup like Mary + Jane or a large company, it’s just irrelevant.

Of course, Jordan wants to stay in business while Paige wouldn’t mind selling out. Jordan realizes she is on the losing side when their shut in old lady switches to Dopeco because delivery is faster and the price is cheaper. As Jordan is busy pondering her position needlessly, Paige is busy crashing into a cop car and getting arresting for possessing a large stash of weed. Once in jail, Paige commiserates over her sad 420 holiday celebration with a group that turns out to be celebrating a completely different 420: Hitler’s birthday. It’s one of those confusing mishaps that could have been funny in the hands of for a knack for being clever. But the general lack of cleverness combined with the new political climate makes the scene hit a little too close to home to be funny.

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Because things just kind of happen on this show rather than evolving, the next step is a surprise party for Jordan and Paige filled with all their clients donating their stashes so that they have something to sell because Dopeco has also bought out the ladies weed farm. For some reason, there’s a musical number and an appearance by weed lover and exec producer Snoop Dogg as Ganja Claus. It’s probably the best moment of the season and why it was saved for last–Ganja Claus, not the musical part. So with a final weak attempt at women being badass and doing their own thing, the season comes to a close as Dopeco is in trouble for confusing diapers with dope and delivering the wrong supplies to customers. I suppose it’s a nice ploy for justice, but not entirely a wrap-up or clear path of continuing to a second season. And if there is a second season, I wonder if acknowledging that pot is now legal in the state will come into play–there was one mention of it being illegal federally that didn’t entirely seem relevant. After all, legal marijuana would be something worth celebrating.

Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
Mary + Jane airs Mondays at 10PM on MTV

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