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You’ll recall that Episode 3 saw the return of Big Foster to Shay Mountain. In Episode 4, G’win cements this return by telling the assembled tribe that he will not be banished, despite admitting to the crime of murdering his own mother, former Bren’in Lady Ray (not to mention being fallen out with half the Farrells). As Big Fos has “admitted to the most heinous of crimes”, in G’win’s SVU-esque words, he should be allowed to stay and mend his homicidal ways. Her decision doesn’t go down well with the mountain people. But G’win is feisty with them – the word of the Bren’in will be respected. Morgan aka Hillbilly Xena (possibly your reviewer’s favorite character) backs G’win up, in an early strong showing for this episode. (as you know, I am so into whatever is brewing between the female leaders of the Kinnah and the Farrells. In this episode there are only more trusting looks coming from G’win in response to Morgan’s strong affirmations).

Another early forceful showing comes in the form of #Sasil. Sally-Ann is guided up the mountain by some lissome maid, who leads her straight to Hasil. As you may recall Sally-Ann is now thoroughly alone in the world, having sped off to Shay Mountain in her brother’s car after he discovered her pregnancy test in the trash. It’s a moving reunion until Sally-Ann reveals to Hasil that they’re pregnant. Now, as a Farrell Hasil may be of another kind of human but when it comes to dealing with feelings and responsibilities, ol’ Violent Elrond behaves like any other metropolitan dude, immediately protesting that he has other, bigger problems right now (Big Foster’s return! G’win’s expectations! the impending autumn hunt!). Understandably this pushes Sally-Ann right away., and she backs off, noting “you’re being a real dick to me!”. What is to become of the spawn of #Sasil?! G’win is equally unimpressed when she hears Hasil has knocked up a Lostie and orders that she be returned to the town, remarking, “if you’re man enough to create a life then you’re man enough to make a decision”. Hasil seems more than a little tormented as he invites Sally-Ann to stay for the evening, but what is his plan long term?

In other news it’s autumn on the mountain and stores are running low (Winter is coming!), so G’win asks Big Foster to lead a hunt. Morgan and her Kinnah come out strong in these scenes too, mocking Big Foster’s preference for guns over feminine energy to kill enough meat for a host of people. The hunting scenes in this episode are great, offering some space between all the drama and conflict of the relationships between the characters, and some pretty shots of the mountain. But when the Kinnah come in last, loaded up on beasts far larger and more numerous than anything Big Foster (formerly the clan’s best hunter) has caught, the drama begins again – Big Fos’ masculinity has taken another blow from the witchy women who “give him the creeps”.

Poor old Deputy Sherriff Wade Houghton also has a woman problem. His sister and roomie Abby, dying of pancreatic cancer and determined to get justice for the death of her husband, Breece, has taken up the cause against the coal company that wants to mine Shay Mountain. Breece was killed in conflict over the mountain, possibly by a Farrell (Li’l Foster is currently serving prison time for it, but Wade is unsure if it was him), and Abby blames the company for starting the conflict in the first place. Wade is forced to arrest her (I told you Coal Company Haley would want something in return for securing Abby’s health insurance). It’s an awkward family dinner that night.

Back on the mountain, the smokehouse – where the kills of Big Foster, several other Farrells, and the Kinnah are being prepared for the winter store – is on fire, turning the smokehouse keeper and the entirety of said winter store to ash. Even as they douse the flames the blame is laid at Big Foster’s feet – as a woman elder puts it, he must have done it, the devil, in retaliation for being bettered by the Kinnah in the hunt. Whoever is responsible, with winter coming, there’s no time to lose in replenishing the smokehouse. This is particularly acute now that the town has armed most of its store guards, making the Farrell’s usual semi-regular raid for non-perishables far less possible. Morgan reassures the gathered tribe that the Kinnah will take care of both problems – both replacing the incinerated meat, and relieving the town of some of their groceries. Exactly how they are going to do the latter is revealed in the final scenes of the episode, and it’s eye-opening. Let’s just say that the Kinnah really do use feminine energy to get what they want.


Season 2, Episode 4 (S02E04)
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