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Soiled and ragged, Haylie marches into the coal company, One Planet,’s headquarters with two jars of the water that’s poisoning the Farrells’ fields. She’s thoroughly aflame after her time in the cage. She confronts Matt, the manager, and accuses him of conspiring to murder the tribal mountain people. She is taking no prisoners! Who knew the PR chick had it in her? Her raving certainty is electric. Is she right? Did he do it? Did he poison the Farrells’ well? At any rate, Haylie is demonstrating all the clarity and rage than only a mountainside epiphany can bring.

On the mountain, the food and water shortage is raising tempers and turning Farrell against Farrell. This poison situation needs to be fixed pronto. What’s a Bren’in to do? That’s right – it’s time to go on a raid. And this time G’winn has an idea to further help their cause. She saw Haylie take pictures of their life on the mountain and sees an opportunity for the story of the Farrells to spread. Time for a PR strategy for the mountain! The raiders in the town are to leave their people’s story with the townsfolk, and leave it in peace. G’winn is a Strong Female Lead, no doubt.

Speaking of, Sally-Ann has discovered a discrepancy in the dollars Hasil is getting paid by Butch for winning fights at the illegal fight club. #Sasil confronts an indignant Butch, who ultimately admits he hasn’t done a just split. Sally-Ann – furious that Hasil has been taken advantage of – will be taking over management of the prize fighter. Justice!

Meanwhile G’winn is planning her PR strategy when Li’l Fos confronts her about the baby in her belly. He’s figured the baby is his and is full of feelings about it.

His dad and G’winns still current husband Big Fos is heaving with emotion too. He doesn’t want G’winn confronting the townspeople and he’s particularly pissed that she’s ordered no guns to be fired. Against her wishes he orders his own goons to shoot if they’re shot at. He’s doubly mad because G’winn has banned him from involvement with her baby. In other words – Big Fos looks like he’s back on his bad track of old.

Back in her hotel room, Haylie is on the warpath. No-one in town will analyze the water samples from the mountain, and Manager Matt is trying to send her on a holiday for her own good. (She does something with the samples but I can’t work out what ….a bit too cryptic, that moment).

Down at fight club, it looks like Team #Sasil might have a problem on their hands. Theres a new warrior punching on. But Hasil decks him immediately. It’s inspiring.

G’winn gathers her people. they descend on the town magnificently, with an air of The Walking Dead about them. Townsfolk gather around. G’win starts to tell their story – poisoned fields, a child already dead. Smartphones start snapping pics and taking video. Good PR!

Roaring into a general store, Big Fos and his gang are telling a different story, holding a gun to the shopkeeper’s head while his Farrells ‘take what’s theirs’. Bad PR! There’s now a hostile confrontation between mountain folk and towns folk.

This situation leads deputy sheriff Wade right to Big Fos, a confrontation that’s been long coming. Wade suspects Big over Li’l Fos (who ended up serving time before being busted out) for the murd of his brother in law, and Big Fos is pissed that Wade put Li’l in jail (unbeknownst to him, Wade sought justice for Li’l, because he knows the criminal was….. Big)…

Wade, whilst uttering words like, “murdering pig coward snake killed my brother in law”, makes a plea for peace. When, he asks, will the townsfolk get it from the Farrells? ‘when we get to live the same way’, replies Big Fos, obliquely, before stealing away on a motorbike with his reluctant son.

Well, this feels like a deadlock. Can it be broken next week, and how?


Season 2, Episode 11 (S02E11)
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