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returns after an almost two-month long break and wow, am I glad that it’s back. There’s something to be said for consistency, and this show is consistently great, delivering so many jokes that I had to pause the episode several times just to write them all down. This week, the employees take place in their annual Lost and Found bin giveaway—a January tradition, as corporate orders them to clean out the Lost and Found every year and Goodwill asked them to stop leaving their trash on their loading dock—while Glenn, alarmed at a corporate missive warning about depression, tries to cheer everyone up via increasingly desperate-seeming clown bits.

Superstore - Season 2

The Lost and Found giveaway begins, with employees reaching into the giant bin to choose from the assorted goods left behind. Most are garbage—Cheyenne gets part of an old wig, Sandra gets an old pair of dentures, Garrett gets a VHS copy of Murder She Wrote—but Amy gets a cool-looking leather jacket. She reluctantly switches for Mateo’s pair of cargo shorts, which turns out to be the right move. In the pockets of the shorts, Jonah finds an old end of a joint, a half-filled can of dip, flyers for sexy escorts, a receipt…and a giant wad of cash. $900 to be exact.

Jonah encourages Amy to do something selfish with the money. She spends so much time caring about others that she doesn’t have time to care about herself. She agrees, deciding to go to a fancy spa she passes on the way to work, but she made a fatal mistake. She told Cheyenne, the world’s worst secret-keeper about the money, and now the rest of the employees want to use it to fix up the breakroom. Amy can’t say no, she’s talked into buying ridiculous items like a massage chair, a panini press, and a psychedelic lava lamp Jonah picks out just to make a point.

Superstore - Season 2

But the employees can’t enjoy their new hangout for long. Sandra, she of the cursed perfect memory, actually tracked down the customer who left the shorts behind. Jonah mentioned the receipt in the pocket—it was for an Arizona iced tea, although we never learn whether it was raspberry or regular—and Sandra remembered selling that tea on that day. The man, Stuart Mitchell, thanks them for contacting him. Apparently he needs the money to take the underprivileged youth he works with on a field trip. The joint and the flyers for escorts were things that he confiscated from the kids he works with. It’s almost too perfect of an excuse, but they have no choice but to return the items and give him back the money.

Glenn throughout the episode is trying to cheer his employees up by acting like a clown, although Dina shuts down his monkey puppet act by telling him that, “Most monkeys live and die without having ever seen a banana. Their lives are short, violent, and terrifying.” Never change, Dina! It’s classic Glenn, but what I enjoyed about this episode is that it also fleshed out the character of Tate, the pharmacist, more. Tate’s a douchebag, but he’s the sort of unapologetic douchebag who can’t change a water cooler because it could get his expensive watch wet, so it’s hilarious. The show has done an excellent job so far of using the supporting cast for jokes and there’s still so many employees we haven’t met!

Superstore - Season 2

This episode didn’t forget the major things that happened before the show went on break. Garrett and Dina hooked up. Garrett is at first worried that Dina wants a relationship, but she definitely does not. However, her repeated insistence to him that he act normal has the opposite effect. He starts acting crazier and crazier in an attempt to prove just how much he doesn’t care. Does Garrett really have feelings for her? Or does he just not like not having the upper hand? I’m guessing the latter, but their dynamic was fun to watch this episode.

The other major thing that happened before the break was that Amy told Adam that she wasn’t happy. Turns out he isn’t happy either, and he’s now living in the basement. She confides in Glenn, but I’m sure she’ll confide in Jonah soon. I at first wasn’t a fan of their will-they-won’t-they thing, as it reminded me too much of Pam/Jim on The Office, but to the show’s credit, I’ve come around. I’m excited to see where their relationship goes as the rest of the season progresses.


Season 2, Episode 11 (S02E11)
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