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Part of the reason why is so good is that it accurately and hilariously spoofs what it’s like to work the lowest at a big corporation. This week’s episode opens with Jeff proudly announcing that Cloud Nine’s in-store brand Halo is being rebranded as SuperCloud. Nothing has changed but the name, so of course the employees aren’t very excited—not even Jeff playing all twelve minutes of sports stadium staple “Pump Up the Jam” can put a smile on their faces. When a customer later asks about the new brand, Jonah tells him that, “I’ve been ordered to tell you how excited I am about it.”

Superstore - Season 2

Anyone who has worked this sort of soul-crushing minimum wage can relate to this—the idiotic demands from corporate, who never really seem to understand how the place is actually run. There’s added pressure on Jeff to run a tight ship this week, as corporate overlord Rex Goshi—an obnoxious man who insists on being called Mr. Goshi and loves fist bumps—is in store to supervise the product launch. This leads to him lashing out at the employees when the make mistakes. After seeing an improperly organized display, he tells Dina that she’s most at fault because she’s in management. As you can imagine, that doesn’t sit well with her.

The employees complain about how awful Jeff is, but Mateo takes things too far. He doesn’t want any to be suspect that he has feelings for him—I still don’t see the two of them together, but whatever—so he calls him a “stretched out Danny DeVito” and says he “literally hopes he dies”, which of course just gets the others to stare at him in shock. Mateo decides to fix things by telling Jeff that he needs to ease up a bit, which he does. However, he also tells the employees to come to him if they have problems and not call him an “asshat” (Dina’s word) behind his back. Dina knows someone snitched and she’s out for blood.

Superstore - Season 2

Mateo, hoping to take suspicion away from him, tells her that it was Sandra, saying that he saw Sandra and Jeff kissing by the loading dock. Dina wants to confront her, but Mateo convinces her to just ice her out—never talk to her again and don’t say why, which is the meanest thing you can do to a person. Of course, Dina can only maintain the silent treatment for approximately thiry seconds. She calls Sandra a “stupid slut” in front of the whole breakroom. Suddenly, everyone is interested in what Sandra has to say, a very rare occurrence, so she runs with it. Instead of denying that she and Jeff hooked up, she says they’re in a relationship and makes up tons of steamy details, annoying Mateo to no end.

Mr. Goshi’s presence also lead to the reveal that Jonah’s still enrolled in business school. The two attended the same one, until Jonah dropped out and began working at Cloud Nine, and Mr. Goshi tells him that he could still return within two years. This upsets Glenn, who can’t bear the thought of Jonah leaving, so he tries to force him to sign a thirty-year contract. Jonah insists that he’s not returning to school, but Amy points out that because he was the option to, he’s different from the rest of the employees. Everyone else working at Cloud Nine has no other place to go.

Superstore - Season 2

Jonah, trying to prove to Amy that’s he’s just like the rest of them, calls his school to cancel his enrollment. Amy tells him not to, but it doesn’t matter either way. He’s let his enrollment lapse and he’s no longer a student—the time limit was two years since he started, not two years since he left. Jonah is officially stuck at Cloud Nine like everyone else, but Amy tells him that the no options club has some perks. Glenn tells him that he’ll always have a place at Cloud Nine—he can die there if he wants. We’ll see if realizing that he’s let business school slip through his fingers motivates Jonah to try harder to improve himself, or if it allows him to stay comfortable at Cloud Nine. Both him and Amy are too good for the place, but if they left, what would happen to the show?

This episode also had a subplot involving Cheyenne trying to hide the now discounted Halo brand baby products, as Glenn is enforcing the rule that employees can’t buy things while on the clock. This included some pretty funny of scenes of her stashing the products in ridiculous places, only to have an overly enthusiastic employee named Eugene find them and put them all back. Superstore will be taking a two week break—even though it just came back from an almost two-month long one last week, get it together NBC—but I’m looking forward to more Cloud Nine nonsense when it returns.


Season 2, Episode 12 (S02E12)
Superstore airs Thursday at 8PM on NBC

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