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Tweetable Takeaway: Did they, or didn’t they? An alternate universe leads Richard Castle to make a big decision. #CaskettatLast

Airtime: Monday, November 10th, 2014 on ABC
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Tonight was probably one of the most anticipated episodes of . Written by Terri Edda Miller, we were thrust into a world where Beckett wasn’t sure who Castle was, and apparently didn’t even read his . At the end of it all, we finally got the (oh, so dreamy and perfect) wedding that the fans have been waiting for since the finale last season. Or, let’s face it, we have been waiting for it for 6 years.

The Case: The team is investigating a case, and Beckett and Castle end up at a factory to chase a lead. After a bit of a relationship chat, and Castle telling her he would do anything to change the way things worked out for their wedding after Beckett confesses that she doesn’t want to go to Sorenson’s wedding (throwback to years ago!), they find a scene. Castle of course touches something he shouldn’t (loved the line by Beckett about why does he always have to touch things, and he replies with “I thought you liked that about me”), and gets thrown into the alternate universe, where he and Captain Beckett never met, and she seems lonely and lost in her work. Confused at first, he realizes that he needs to try and help the team solve the case in the alternate universe in order to get back home.

The Alternate Universe: Before the explosion that sent Rick to an alternate universe, he began thinking that maybe he wasn’t good for Beckett, and maybe she would be happy without him. Leave it to the universe to prove us wrong when we need it. Alexis has brown hair and lives in LA with her mom, Martha is a famous Broadway star – so famous in fact that her picture is hanging over Castle’s desk, Castle is still into one night stands (but luckily our Castle quickly put an end to that), Esposito is single and missing a very pregnant Lanie, and Ryan is single as well, Jenny is just a woman from his past. Beckett admits later in the episode that she did in fact read Castle’s and came to one of his signings, something longtime fans have wanted to hear her tell him. I hope he remembers this in the non-alternate universe. Eventually Rick jumps in front of a suspect shooting at them, and saves Alternate Universe Kate Beckett’s life, and she (heartbreakingly) asks him not to leave her. He does, but not before telling her that he loves her, and that’s why he did it. He wakes up, and in his words finds “My Beckett!”

The Wedding: Yes, yes. They did it with a green screen. But, putting that aside, a gorgeous Kate Beckett in Oscar De La Renta (please remind me to marry a famous writer) walks with her dad down the isle in the Hamptons, to a smiling Richard Castle and his family. A sweet exchange of vows and rings commences, and we get a first dance between Mr. and Mrs. Castle to the song we all know and love to be theirs, In My Veins by Andrew Belle.

It’s okay. I am not crying. That’s just the onions. Or whatever.

Here were their vows:

Beckett: “The moment that I met you, my life became extraordinary. You taught me to be my best self, to look forward to tomorrow’s adventure. When I was vulnerable, you were strong. I love you, Richard Castle and I want to live my life in the warmth of your smile and the strength of your embrace. I promise you I will love you. I will be your friend and your partner in crime and in life. Always.”

Castle: “The moment we met, my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart. You’re the last person I want to see when I close my eyes.  I love you, Katherine Beckett, and the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring. I promises to love you and be your friend and your partner in crime and life till death do us part — and for the time of our lives.”

What a wonderful way to join our favorite crime solving duo in holy matrimony, for the time of their lives.

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