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under-the-domeTweetable Takeaway: Love was in the air, or maybe I should say in the ooze, on this episode of #Underthedome.

Airtime: Thursday 9 PM CBS

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Love was in the air, or maybe I should say in the ooze, on this episode of , though not with those you would have expected it from before the start of this season. Barbie and Julia are still on the outs, Barbie having chosen his love from the alternate reality Eva over the pretty ginger (who, let’s remember, he has known for a whopping three weeks).

It doesn’t quite pack the emotional punch the seem to think it will. What does pull at the heart strings more effectively (though not well; nothing in this show’s writing is done well) is the splitting of the young and pure Joe and the sassy maladjusted Norrie. Maybe it’s just because I was a teenage boy once who watched one or two hunkier guys come from nowhere and swoop in on my crush, but I genuinely felt bad for Joe. It also helps that, as noted in my review of the premiere, Colin Ford, who portrays Joe, has stepped up his previously lackluster acting game considerably.


Predictably, new creepy cast addition Christine Price (Marg Helgenberger) continues to be a creepster and round up most of the residents of Chester’s Mill into a sort of brainwashed state (something to do with touching them). It seems to set the characters in a tizzy, reaching out for physical love like never before. It’s very reminiscent of the magnificent Michelle Forbes as the evil maenad Maryann controlling the Louisiana backwoods town Bon Tempes in HBO’s True Blood’s second season.

But, this is CBS so we won’t be getting any Chester’s Mill orgies. The closest we’ll get is Barbie and Eva, Sam and a woman Abby from the support group he is now leading, Christine herself busting out some cougar moves and tonguing Junior in a cringe-worthy moment, and (huzzah!) Joe and Norrie back together! Is Christine, who is presumably an alien, trying to get the townspeople to procreate? And if so, to what end?

Another odd pairing is that of Big Jim and Julia, the only two form Chester’s Mill who DIDN’T get forced into a cocoon and experience the year-long alternate reality. They appear to be immune to Christine’s spell, and thus team up this week to stop Aktaion Energy (who entered the Dome through the red door in Zenith in the premiere) taking the precious Egg. Dean Norris continues to be one of the only reasons to watch the show, selling his cheesy lines like no other. He makes his character Big Jim fun to root for.


And with the viewers now rooting for Jim, I will say it was smart of the to introduce not one, but two more antagonist forces this season: Christine/Melanie and the aliens, and now Malick and Aktaion Energy. Though I do foresee Big Jim snapping and going on a killing spree of innocent people again at some point (it’s just too much fun to watch Dean Norris do).

For the time being, Norrie seems to be the only Chester’s Mill resident who has awoken from Christine’s spell. Who else will snap out of it? We’ll find out next week.


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