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It’s another slow episode on , as this week was devoted more to rearranging relationships and establishing tone more than moving the plot forward. The weakest part of this season has been Eddie’s romantic entanglements and this week dedicated a decent amount of time to his growing relationship with Chloe. She’s clearly fallen for him, introducing him to her friends, telling him that he’s the reason she’s been so happy lately. However, she doesn’t know that he’s been cheating on her with Sarah. He saw her last week and this week, the two have sex again, after she skips an important security meeting to come to his house.

I’m beginning to root for Eddie and Sarah to get back together and run far, far away from the Meyerist compound. Cal is getting increasingly paranoid, now demanding that everyone get an ID badge in order to leave or enter the compound. It may not sound like the craziest idea, but the older generation reacts to it like it’s the biggest affront to civil liberties they’ve ever witnessed. The movement, combined with his super hardcore two nights in a juvenile detention center, has also transformed Hawk from a compelling character to an insufferable angsty teenager who just discovered activism and needs to tell everyone about it. It seemed like Noa was going to tell Hawk off for his obnoxiousness–she does call him “woke” sarcastically and calls him out for appropriating black leaders when he quotes James Baldwin–but the two hook up at the end of the episode.


Hawk’s transformation is annoying. Obviously, having a greater awareness for the amount of suffering in the world is a good thing, but he acts like he’s the first and only person to realize these things. People have dedicated their whole lives to fighting injustice and there’s the fact that Hawk, as as straight white man, will never face the same issues that people like Noa, a black woman, will. He moves from the compound to the City Center, as he thinks that living in New York will give him more opportunities to make real change. He asks Cal for permission. At first, he demurs, saying that he needs to make sure that it’s what Sarah wants.

However, he later tells Hawk that not only is it ok for him to move into the City Center, but he also thinks he should start 2R, with Cal as his guide. This is after Cal creepily stalks Sarah and finds that she’s with Eddie, seeing the two of them kiss. It seems like a calculated attempt to get close to Sarah’s child, either to manipulate him to get close to Sarah or to turn him against her as revenge. I also got this sense about his comments about Russell. He praises Russell at a movement-wide meeting, saying that he’s a dedicated member who’s ready to begin 8R and join the select group of people responsible for running the movement. Cal’s getting closer to almost everyone in Sarah’s family, while Sarah is torn between them and Eddie.


The one person Cal isn’t getting through to is Sarah’s father, Hank. Hank is frustrated by Cal’s changes in the name of security and annoyed at his wife for her relationship with Kodiak. They just seem to be friends now, but apparently there was some sort of love triangle between the three of them in the past. Hank is so fed up with the movement that he leaves a gathering to see his other daughter, Sarah’s sister. She left the movement and therefore was labeled a denier, so technically the Meyerists aren’t allowed to talk to her. But it seems like Hank has visited her before and it will definitely be interesting to see if she’ll play a bigger role moving forward.

As mentioned before, the older generation bristle at Cal’s changes and leadership. Kodiak is getting especially restless. He seems to want to kill Cal for killing Steve, which frightens Richard, who locks him in a room. Kodiak remembers one of his training sessions with Steve. In his memory, a young Cal appears. There’s complicated history between the two of them—Kodiak definitely killed someone in the past, maybe someone connected to Cal—but it’s still a bit unclear what exactly is supposed to be going on. Richard only lets Kodiak out when he figures out that Cal did not push Steve off the cliff. Based on the information from Sarah that Eddie was struck by lightning, he determines it was Eddie.


It definitely does seem like Eddie killed Steve, although perhaps unintentionally. I hate to think that he’s a murderer. Eddie tries to convince Sarah that Steve was just a man, not an immortal being of the light, telling her that he had cancer. However, Sarah already knew that. She thinks it makes his ascension to the light all the more amazing. She asks if there’s anything else and Eddie seems like he wants to say more, but he doesn’t. It seems like Eddie pushed Steve off the cliff and therefore saw that he died like a normal man. This information could push Sarah to leave the movement, but it would also turn her against Eddie permanently. He’s in a tough spot and it seems like things are only going to get tougher from here.


Season 2, Episode 6 (S02E06)
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