will guest star on , playing Angelica Rodriguez, a co-worker of Anthony Anderson’s character who becomes an adversary at the company Christmas party. The series stars Anderson as the patriarch of an African American family who worries that he’s losing his identity living in a predominantly white neighborhood. Ortiz is repped by Gersh.

is coming back to , the drama series about a former White House Communications Director who starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her are not the only ones with secrets. Adelstein will reprise his season three role as Leo Bergen, vice president Sally Langston’s smarmy campaign manager. He is repped by Gersh and .

The CW

is joining . The superhero drama follows Barry Allen, a Central City assistant police forensics investigator who gains the power of super speed after an accident with a particle accelerator. Howarth will play Mason Bridge, a reporter from the Central City Picture News. He is repped by Gersh and .


has been cast in the music business drama as a recurring guest star. The drama series, set in the world of hip-hop, stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Love will play a rocker who is signed to the record label. She is repped by .

has landed a guest starring role on . The upcoming comedy series follows four relationship-phobic people who form an unlikely bond in a Queens, NY townhouse. Garson will play Carl, a friend of the group who offers to trade Nate Torrence’s character for a better position in a live action chess match for a date with Becki Newton’s character. Garson is repped by and .


has been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming third season of . The series stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as a seemingly all-American couple who are really a secret KGB sleeper cell. Pittman will play Lisa, a struggling mother and recovering alcoholic who works on the assembly line for a classified Defense Department project. Pittman is repped by Talentworks.


Michael K. Williams, , , and have all joined the cast of the miniseries CRIME. Formerly titled Criminal Justice, the miniseries centers on an ambulance-chasing NYC attorney who gets in too deep after taking the case of Pakistani Nasir Khan who is accused of murdering a girl on the Upper West Side. Williams has been cast as Freddy, the head of a gang, Berlin will play a lawyer in the DA’s office, Karan has been cast as a young attorney helping to prove Khan’s innocence. Headley will play a successful attorney specializing in high profile cases. Williams is repped by and ; Karan is repped by and ; Berlin is repped by Marshak/Zachary/Mills; Headley is repped by .

has been cast as a series regular on . The comedy series, soon to be in its second season, follows the modern high-tech gold rush through the lens of a startup. Creskoff has been cast as Laurie Bream, an executive at the startup. She is repped by and Innovative Talent.

has also been promoted to series regular on . Yang played Jian Yang in three episodes of the freshman season, a hacker house resident. He is repped by and .


Christina Ricci will reprise her role as Lizzie Borden for the original movie LIZZIE BORDEN: THE FALL RIVER CHRONICLES. The project, a sequel to Lizzie Bordon Took An Ax, will be a fictionalized account of actual events in Borden’s life after her acquittal of the double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892. Clea DuVall will also reprise her rol as Borden’s sister, Emma. Ricci is repped by ICM and 360, while DuVall is with Gersh and .


will join the cast of . Jones has been a writer on the sketch comedy show since early this year after being beat out for the spot by Sasheer Zamata. Jones will continue to write on the show, as well as perform. She is repped by and Integral .

and are set to star on the 8-episode miniseries . The project is a family drama that centers on the aftermath of an incident when a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. Peter Skarsaard and Mary Louise-Parker star in the project. Hedges will play Ritchie, a friend of the family, while Badgley has been cast as Jamie, Parker’s character’s 25-year-old boyfriend. Hedges is repped by and . Badgley is repped by and .


and have been cast in , the drama series from Sony Pictures . The series centers on two homicide detectives who investigate cases that involve people with superhuman powers. Boyer has been cast as Olympia, a powerful but aging superstar who has become addicted to sex and drugs. Cole will play Levitation Boy.


and have both booked guest starring roles on the fourth season of . The dramedy series stars Don Cheadle as a cutthroat management consultant who will do anything to get ahead and keep his . McCormack is repped by and . Witt is repped by and .


will reprise his role as James Cogan for the latter half of season five of . The series centers on an FBI agent who shows up in a small town in Maine to find that she has deep ties to the town and its supernatural roots. Lund is repped by Amanda Rosenthal Talent and .


Catalina Santino Moreno has booked a heavily recurring role on the fifth season of . The alien invasion drama centers on a group of survivors after an alien attack who band together to fight back. Moreno has been cast as Isabella, a liberal academic who is now on the run and seeking sanctuary by any means necessary. She is repped by , Talent Agency, and .


has been cast alongside Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies in . The drama pilot, from Carlton Cuse, chronicles life in after a mysterious foreign occupation. Righetti has been cast as Madeline, Callies’ younger sister and the mother of a child with diabetes who needs insulin. Righetti is repped by and .

and have booked recurring roles on . The series follows a disillusioned ER doctor who finds his existence transformed when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boy’s life and killing one of his attackers. Sexton will play Robert Holden, a Gang Task Force Officer. Soria is set to play Alvarez, a Superior Lieutenant of the Nortenos Locos. Sexton is repped by and . Soria is repped by and David Dean .

Swedish actor Martin Wallstrom will make is American debut on . The drama pilot, from Universal Cable Productions, centers on a young programmer who can only connect with people by hacking them. Wallstrom has been cast as Tyrell, a business executive whose pursuit to become chief technology officer comes to light after a hacking scandal. Wallstrom is repped by and .

has booked a recurring role on . She will play Krista, a psychologist who helps the young programmer work through his issues with socialization. Reuben is repped by and .

Alica Braga will star in the drama pilot . The project, from Fox Studios, centers on a woman who is forced to go on the run after her drug-dealing boyfriend is murdered in Mexico. Once she finds refuge in America, she teams up with an unlikely partner from her past who helps her take down the trafficking ring who are after her. Braga is repped by and .


has been cast in . The horror series, from Eli Roth, Sonar Entertainment, and Blumhouse , centers on a demon hunter-for-hire. Hearst has been cast as Charlotte, a fiery Southern belle with sex appeal. She is repped by ICM and .

also joins the cast of . She will play an exorcist who has to expel her own demons. Suvari is repped by ICM and .

Rounding out the cast of are , , , , and . Booth has been cast as David Abascal, a heroin addict with a love of troubled women, while Irwin will play Enos Abascal, the leader of a notorious devil worshop cult. Moerlein will play Dusty, an ex-military man-turned-handyman. Rucker has been cast as Reverend Elijah Bledsoe, a priest with a bi-racial daughter who has experienced extraordinary emotional traumea. Singer will play his daughter, Grace. Booth is repped by Gersh, , and ; Irwin is repped by and ; Moerlein is repped by and Robert Stein ; Rucker is repped by and ; Singer is repped by .


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