Anatomy of a Sale: ‘THE SHALLOWS’ w/David Boxerbaum of Verve (Part 2) (EXCLUSIVE)


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In the spirit of all things horror this October, of joins us this week to break down the Horror/Thriller box-office hit THE SHALLOWS from writer . The script gained mass appeal when it hit the market, landing Jaswinski on the Black List, Blood List, and Hit List that year. The film is directed by , stars , and made nearly $120 million at the box office. It remains one of the top survival-horror films in past years and has inspired numerous projects since. David takes us through the heart of this sale, showing us how to use information about the bid as leverage to drive the sale, what happens when the President of a studio calls your cell phone directly, and when to take a chance and bet on yourself as a writer.

When it comes to spec , there is no one like . He is undoubtedly one of the leading literary in Hollywood. David started his career working for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, then spent six years at Paradigm before making the jump to in November 2017. He’s made a lasting impression on the industry, leading countless sales and starting numerous careers in the process. In 2018 alone, he sold over 14 spec , almost double what any other agent sold that year. Some of his most recent sales include JUST. ONE. KISS. to , DON’T GO IN THE WATER to Universal, and HACIENDA to AGBO.

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Anatomy of a Sale centers on the story behind the story, as in each episode we’ll hear from the industry’s top , representatives and chronicling their journey from the birth of a script to its eventual success. You’ll learn about the struggles of taking a project to market, the painstaking hours that go into breaking the narrative, the ups and downs of industry reception, and much more. So sit back, relax, and study the inner-workings of the Anatomy of a Sale.

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